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We are thrilled to introduce our “Royal Reads” blog, bringing you the latest and greatest in temporary or long-term restroom and shower solutions. From tips on choosing the perfect unit for your event to the latest trends in restroom trailer design, we’ve got you covered. Royal Restrooms of California caters to various industries, and with the “Royal Reads” blog, you’ll gain knowledge and insight on the best luxury portable restrooms and showers on the California coast. What can you expect from “Royal Reads”? Well, our team is dedicated to delivering quality content that is both informative and engaging. We will discuss various topics, providing comprehensive info covering everything from the latest restroom designs and technologies to tips for event planning and decor.

But that’s not all. In 2023, we know social media plays a crucial role in connecting with our audience. As a leading provider of portable restroom solutions, Royal Restrooms of California is committed to delivering the highest level of comfort and convenience to our clients. By virtue of this, we have revamped our platforms to provide an even more immersive experience! By connecting online, we can provide real-time updates on our news and events. Whether it’s a wedding, corporate event, or even a home remodel, we want to ensure that our clients have access to the latest information and can easily reach out for their restroom needs. With newly launched virtual tours, regular updates, and interactive content, Royal Restrooms of California aims to create a space where our clients can share their experiences, ask questions, and provide feedback. By actively participating in these conversations, we can better understand their needs and preferences, and continuously improve our services. 

We are absolutely thrilled to expand our digital presence through Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Pinterest and of course, our “Royal Reads” blog. We will stay current, engage with our audience, and showcase the elegance and luxury of our portable restrooms and showers. We look forward to building connections and providing our clients and communities with the exceptional service they deserve. So, whether you’re in the event planning industry, beginning a construction project, or simply curious about luxury restroom trailers, we invite you to join us on our blog and follow our social media platforms. Prepare to be inspired, educated, and engaged as we reintroduce Royal Restrooms of California and our “Royal Reads” blog to the digital world. It’s time to experience luxury restroom trailers like never before!


BBQ’s, Games, Drinks and BABIES! What’s Not to Love?

As you can imagine we have the opportunity to learn about the latest event trends as we participate in oodles of events each season. A current trend that we are swooning over is family baby showers. Yes, you heard that right, FAMILY BABY SHOWERS! Families are saying “Goodbye” to traditional baby showers and are including the soon to be parents and all their loved ones to celebrate their coming addition!

Upon my research a particular trend really struck my fancy, Baby-Q’s! Think BBQ’s but all food and decorations being themed around babies. Families and friends can host an outdoor shower with all the fixings you’d find at a traditional cook out. Some showers I’ve witness included on their invitation “NO Diapers, NO Drinkies” meaning, you have to bring a pack of diapers in order to have access to the bar/beverages at the BBQ! Now, how fun is that?!

Family baby showers are wonderful opportunities to bring together families and friends in celebrating the addition. The key to successful family baby shower is making sure you have activities that are family friendly, focuses around the new baby, age appropriate and most importantly FUN!

Listed below are a few of my favorite shower games and activities that I find to be perfect for family baby showers:

Writing messages on the outside of diapers- preferably inspiring for those late night changes!

Decorating onesies

Blind folded diaper changing (using stuffed animals)

Guessing the size of mom’s waist (using yarn)

Guessing how many candies fill a baby bottle

Diaper toss- throwing diapers into a bin from across the room

Baby food tasting

For more baby shower inspiration visit our #Pinterest page!

May you bring together families and shower the soon to be parents with love, support and pearls of wisdom. We look forward to being a part of your families’ gatherings!



Michelle Hillis

I’d love to know your favorite baby shower game? Email your response to

Magical Music

Have you ever thought about just how powerful music is? It has the ability to get you moving, pick up your spirits and break the ice. I can’t recall a first date I’ve been on where the question “what type of music do you listen to?” didn’t get asked… talk about an ice breaker and deal breaker!

Music has the power to put my daughter to sleep, thank you very much, Lullaby’s by Nick Lachey! We quite literally have that album on repeat all night. It has dramatically helped her get to sleep faster and stay asleep throughout the night.

Music helps keep you motivated. Per my husband, a United States Marine, cadences keep the Marines in sync during morning physical training. Living on base, I hear Marines sing their cadences as they PT in the morning and in the afternoons. In our home we call it the sound of freedom.

Have you ever been to an event without music? I’m willing to bet you haven’t! There is a reason for that, music has the ability to make guest feel welcome. For this reason, we offer the ability to play music in a variety of our restrooms trailers.  We believe that your guests should not only feel welcome and comfortable but have the ability to enjoy your specially selected Hit List through all avenues of the event.

I’d love to know what kind of music is on your event’s playlist! Email your responses to



Michelle Hillis

Odedetoilet Interview

I stumbled upon Ross’ Instagram account, Odedetoilet months ago and have been actively following it ever since…Ross features the most unique restroom signs from around the world. Odedetoilet’s collection of signs is expansive and ranges from comical to historical. I was so intrigued by this account I had to know what inspired them to document such universal signs.

What made you want to start your Instagram page?

“I’m a graphic designer so I’ve always been fascinated signs and icons and with bathroom signs because it is a universal symbol that looks different in every place but is easily understood even without translation.  My original collection is on Tumblr but I transferred to IG this year since this is what I use the most 🙂  My original Tumblr site:
This is my first post from Thessoloniki, Greece in January 2010.” Ross Laccay, 2017.

What’s your favorite restroom signs you ever seen?

“I don’t think I can choose a favorite because I always see a better or more interesting one everytime :)” Ross Laccay, 2017.

Do you prefer comical, historical or artsy restroom signs?

“I like clever, simple signs. Ones that look almost identical except for a line or a curve that changes the meaning of the sign. or even where a shape is just flipped to change the meaning.
I also like signs cultural signs that show a national costume or the writing from that country or how women are portrayed in that particular country.
Like in Saudi, the symbol of the woman is all covered or a regular sign has the skirt of the woman longer than what is normal 🙂 ” Ross Laccay, 2017.

Odedetoilet is just another reason as to why I believe social media is one of the greatest gifts to us in modern civilization, I am truly inspired by their account to see the beauty in ordinary things in which may have previously  overlooked. Follow Odedetoilet’s Instagram page here!!!!



Michelle Hillis

Photos Courtesy of Rocilyn Locin Laccay,



Glorious Mornings

If you’re currently not a morning person, you may be after reading this! So many of life’s greatest offerings happen before noon! -did anyone say “sunrises, pancakes…mimosas?!”

The event industry is a huge part of our clientele, I would safely say the 95% of events we (partner) with them in take part in the PM hours. I can’t help but feel as though there’s a (gap) that needs to be fulfilled in the market.

One morning (I must admit, I LOVE mornings) I got to thinking…Why didn’t I get married in the morning? My husband and I love mornings, not to mention most venues are open to AM event discounts to their customers. Not only would you be able to leave for your honeymoon hours earlier, you’d have more money to spend while in paradise! #APennySavedIsAPennyEarned

Though the act of AM events is new to me, upon research I have learned it is starting to trend. Younger generations are venturing out from traditional weddings and events and are excited about creating their own traditions.

Not convinced to host a morning event yet…maybe these ideas will inspire you!

Brunch inspired cuisine, including but not limited to chicken and waffles!

Coffee Bar (sending your guest home with your favorite coffee as a parting gift)

Doughnut Bar (adorable, not to mention cost effective)

Bottomless Mimosas

Bloody Mary Bar

Juice Bar

Omelet Station

Cereal Bar (Fun for all ages, send guests home with a takeout box filled with their favorite! Encourage them to mix a few)

The wonderful part of having a morning event you have a significantly more time to spend with your loved ones in the sunlight hours. #TopOfTheMorningToYa



Michelle Hillis


For more fun morning event ideas visit our #Pinterest page!

Mama always said “Sharing is caring” but I have to beg to differ. We have officially entered flu season, a season in which we likely will be visiting many family and friend and sharing memories and GERMS!

Last week my toddler decided to share the stomach flu with me (bringing it home from preschool) I can think of a million different ways to spend our time than tag teaming the bathroom and sipping on electrolyte water and eating crackers. I wanted to educate our #royal followers on some health boosting tips in order to lessen their chances of getting the flu.

Wash your hands!

Avoid touching your mouth/face.

Drink/take probiotics daily! Gut health aids in boosting ones immune system!

Soak up some sun, vitamin D is great for your body and mind.

Get your 8 hours of sleep a night.

In the event you do come down with the flu, be sure to rest, stay hydrated and binge watch as many shows as possible!

Whether you’re under the weather in bed reading this or are healthy as an ox, be sure to check out our #Pinterest for more flu-eliminating hacks.



Michelle Hillis





I don’t know about you, but favors could quite possible be my favorite part of attending parties and gatherings. I will admit, I’m guilty of surveying the event location upon arrival in hopes of catching a glimpse as to what the host is giving their guests as a parting gift.

So when this whole act of giving parting gifts become thing?! After some research I found that it’s believed to have started hundreds of years ago as a way for the party hosts to share their gratitude and thanks to the guests for attending their event. Traditionally, one would give special boxes to party goers. “It is believed that the first wedding favor, common amongst European aristocrats, was known as a bonbonniere. A bonbonniere is a small trinket box made of crystalporcelain, and/or precious stones.” (“Wikipedia”, 2016).  As sugar being come cost effective, sugary treats become a popular choice of parting gifts.

Nowadays favors range from goodie bags filled with sweet treats (sometimes in the form of a candy table so you can make your own combination) to homemade jam. Head on over to our #Pinterest page to see my favorite favor ideas!



Michelle Hillis






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Where Memories Are Made

Have you ever noticed that your guests like to stay in the kitchen during your home gatherings? Could it be due to that fact that there is where the food is? Or perhaps it happens to be where people naturally are the most comfortable.  The kitchen tends to be the room in your house where the most memories are made throughout the ages.


Much like the kitchen, people like to gather in restrooms as well. Obviously these restroom gatherings take place in a public setting! I know it, sounds crazy but have you ever noticed people like to visit the restroom in groups. I know when I’m out with my friends we form an entourage whenever anyone of us needs to use the facilities. I believe it’s an unwritten girl code not to use the restroom alone.  I can’t tell you how many in deep conversations have taken place in the restroom, it’s true what they say, “you take care of business” while you are in there.


Memories are made in the most unexpected places. This summer I encourage you to plan time for those you enjoy making memories with most. Perhaps you are too afraid of hosting an outside event as your facilities can’t accommodate the guest list size of your desire.  Our trailers are the perfect solution to keeping your party outside while accommodating any size of event.  Don’t let the heat of summer deter you from hosting an outdoor event as this record setting heat is no competition for our air conditioned restroom trailers!  Let us help you in the making memories, wherever they may be created.



Michelle Hillis


Visit our Royal #Pinterest page for some sizzling summer event ideas!


What room do think more memories are made in; the kitchen or restroom? Email your responses to

Happy Spring!

Ahh, Spring has sprung! Flowers are blooming, sun is shining and allergies are running rampant. I simply love this time of year, with a little help from  my allergy medicine. It’s a time to open your windows, converse with your neighbors and get to spring cleaning your home.

Spring cleaning is an annual tradition for our family, it started with my grandmother who passed the tradition to my mother and now to me! Springtime is the perfect time to take inventory of your home and part with things that are no longer needed. Now that I am a mom I see why spring cleaning is an important annual event to do in your home as children and clutter go hand in hand. It isn’t easy to keep my home clutter free on a day to day basis. I feel every time we go somewhere we inevitably come home with something new for my daughter. #FirstTimeParents If you’re anything like me and want your home to be clutter free abide by the rule of “if you haven’t used it/worn it in a year, donate it!”

Now… what to do with all the items you no longer need?? Many communities have donation centers conveniently located throughout your community.  Perhaps you can partner up with your neighbors and host a community garage sale and donate all proceeds to a cause close to your hearts. Our Royal family encourages you to recycle, reuse and donate all items as “one man’s junk is another’s treasure”.

This Spring I hope you feel refreshed in your new decluttered space. When your home is clean and organized you’ll be more likely to want to host gatherings! Let us be a part of your upcoming events!

For useful spring cleaning tips head over to your Pinterest page! #HappyCleaning


Michelle Hillis

Pinterest. (2016). Retrieved from

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!!!!


When my daughter asked me “What is St. Patrick’s Day?” I simply replied “A day to wear green and the leprechauns come out” Her question and my poor response sparked my curiosity; I had to investigate the reason behind the holiday. Quickly, I learned that the holiday is so much more than wearing green, eating corned beef and drinking green beer.

According to Wikipedia, “Saint Patrick’s Day, or the Feast of Saint Patrick…is a cultural and religious celebration held on 17 March, the traditional death date of Saint Patrick (c. AD 385–461), the foremost patron saint of Ireland…Saint Patrick’s Day was made an official Christian feast day in the early 17th century…The day commemorates Saint Patrick and the arrival of Christianity in Ireland,…and celebrates the heritage and culture of the Irish in general…Celebrations generally involve public parades and festivals, céilithe, and the wearing of green attire or shamrocks…Christians also attend church services…and the Lenten restrictions on eating and drinking alcohol are lifted for the day, which has encouraged and propagated the holiday’s tradition of alcohol consumption…” (From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia, 2016).

3 Stall Restroom Trailer

This St. Patrick’s Day let us be a part of your celebration of St. Patrick himself. Whether you plan on feasting over corned beef, searching for a four leaf clover or just drinking some green beer, let Royal Restrooms be the “pot” at the end of your rainbow!  #TheElegantWayToGo

For some fun, family filled St. Patrick’s Day celebration ideas, please visit our Pinterest Page!



Michelle Hillis


Resources:  From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. (2016). Saint Patrick’s Day. Retrieved from

The Gift of Time

On behalf of the entire Royal Restrooms Family I would like to wish you all a very happy holiday season. Our year has been filled with receiving many blessings and making happy memories.

As we near the end of the year I encourage you to ask yourself if you’ve had the opportunity to make memories and spend time with those you love. I believe that time spent with those you love is the most precious gift you can give.

When trying to figure out the best gift to give your loved ones this holiday season why not make it the gift of your time? Whether it’s spending time making them handmade cards or 8 hours of a drive home to surprise family, I know without a doubt that your time spent with them will be considered the best gift of all.

Let us be a part of the events you host at your home!

As you close out this year with festive events and holiday gatherings, we would cherish the opportunity to be a part of the time you spend with your friends and family with the most elite mobile restroom experience available.

Our upscale restroom trailers can accommodate events from small to large and small.  So, just let us know how we can be a part of the time you spend with your loved ones.

We hope that you take the chance to make some unforgettable memories as well.

For fun ways to spend time with your loved ones this holiday season, head over to our Pinterest page!

Happy Holidays,

Michelle Hillis

Does Size Matter?

Do you remember the days before Pinterest when we were forced to depend on professionals and our imagination to create a dream event? We are blessed to have technology and reap the benefits of getting inspired by others and their events.  Even with Pinterest, professional event planners, and your helpful in-laws, the hardest decision to make while planning your event is how many guests you should invite.

I recall when I was planning my wedding, I was so focused on inviting everyone so they would not get their feelings hurt that my guest count was 50 guests over the venues max guest count. I was reminded by a dear friend that this was “OUR” day, not a day to please everyone else. Our wedding ended up being intimate with under 60 people there to witness and share in our heartfelt vows. This made perfect sense for my husband and I, if you know anything about us, we are very much introverts. The idea of having a manageable amount of guests worked well with our budget, venue and our ambiance.


Some couples choose to host much larger scale events, which are a blast to attend. My dear high school friend got married a few years ago. Her guest count was upwards of 500 guests. Her wedding was one of the most memorable nights of my life. Friends from high school were able to catch up and celebrate the couple while both of the couple’s families were able to connect and celebrate.


So, does the size of your event really matter? In my opinion, absolutely not! It’s all about personal preference. My advice is to have a guest count that YOU feel comfortable with. After all, it is YOUR Day and it is all about YOU!

Regardless of the size of your event, we would love to be a part making it a success. The beautiful thing about our restroom trailers is that we can accommodate events both intimate and extravagant, large and small!

What’s your ideal guest count? Email your responses to



Michelle Hillis

Wine, Wine, WINE!

I am a California girl, born and raised. I truly appreciate all the fine things this wonderful state has to offer. As an adult I have recently started to appreciate the fine wine that is produced right here in the golden state.

Wine not only tastes amazing but it warms your soul! Boy, could I sound any more like a Wine-o?! I started out buying wine solely based on the label; a lot like how I buy books based off their covers. As I sampled different varieties, I quickly learned that I prefer dry and red while my husband prefers his sweet and white. I suppose opposites do attract.

So, why is Royal Restrooms blogging about wine? Well, this is the time of year when Royal Restrooms is involved in the celebration of many wineries for harvest parties and harvest events. As a matter of fact, wine is served in over 95% of our events year round. Wine is a great topic of conversation, a cause for festivity and can be as varied as your event.


Whether you’re hosting a wine tasting at your residence or serving wine at your wedding. Let us be a part of your event. Our restroom trailers are the PERFECT solution to eliminating the lines at any restroom. Our trailers come on a variety of sizes and can accommodate large and small parties.


I now host wine tastings at my home and Pinterest has been a great resource for guides to help us wine newbies find our new favorite wines. Check out our Pinterest for more fun wine tips and pairing guides!

May you and your guests eat, drink and be merry!

What is your criteria for your wine purchases (i.e. labels, varieties, tastes, etc.?) Email your responses to


Michelle Hillis

Repurpose, Reuse and Discover

Re-purposing is such a beautiful act. It is the act of reusing items. When we re-purpose or reuse items we are able to make new memories based off previous ones. I literally get excited when I see event planners and couples get creative and utilize household items in new creative ways to make their events truly unique and unforgettable. One particular event that truly grasped the idea of reducing and reusing would be how the couple had mason jars for every guests to use throughout their event. As the guests left we were encouraged to take home their mason jar as well as a specialty made pickling spice kits. What a sweet parting gift.

Pinterest Image

Our Pinterest is loaded with fun re-purposing ideas. As you hunt for items, I urge you to look deeper and see the untapped potential of even the most mundane items. Use your imagination and think outside the box. My husband is an active duty Marine. Each year we attend the United States Marine Corps Ball. I was lucky to find the perfect dress for the event but was struggling to find the perfect shoe. I was up one night on Pinterest and saw how some previous brides reused their wedding shoes and a light bulb went off in my mind. “Michelle, why don’t you wear your wedding shoes” the next morning I tore through my garage (and through memory lane) and found my wedding shoes. They paired with my dress perfectly! I simply cannot wait to wear them again. Plus, what a conversational piece to have for the evening. This was a classic lesson on not rushing to buy new when we are surrounded by treasures.

2 Stall Restroom Trailer

Not only can you re-purpose items used for and after your event but you can also re-purpose the venue itself. I personally love my grandmother’s home. It is where so many of my happy memories were made. We chose to make her house the venue of choice for my bridal shower as well as my baby shower. Our restroom trailers helped to make my grandmother’s home an ideal location. Her beautiful property filled with pine trees and her potted garden made for the perfect outdoor reception area. Our trailer fit beautifully near the party on the side of her residence. I highly recommend hosting events at locations that mean something to you. Perhaps you grew up spending summers are your grandparents. Consider utilizing that memory filled space as your dream venue. Our restroom trailers really do go where you go!

Tell me, where were your favorite memories made? Email your responses to


Michelle Hillis





How Much Time Do You Spend In The Restroom?


I will be the first to admit, I spend WAY TOO MUCH time in the bathroom. As a first time mommy it is my only break. It is my time to catch up on social media, complete business, ponder life’s biggest decisions all while putting on makeup and perfecting eyebrows. My husband constantly reminds me of how long it takes me in the restroom. My restroom has become a quiet sanctuary that I love to be in. It has great lighting and houses all my makeup, what’s not to love?! My husband on the other hand is a Marine. He has been trained to dry shave, not use moisturizer and take 2 minute showers; which is exactly what he does in the restroom. I suppose they are right when they say “opposites attract”.

Int Vanity 1

So that got me to thinking… how much time do I really spend in the bathroom? According to The Scotsman, “…Research has proved that women really do spend longer locked in the bathroom – the equivalent of one year, seven months and 15 days, a month longer than men…But men are much more likely to dally on the loo itself than women, according to a survey carried out by a bathroom company. It found men spend an hour and 45 minutes every week going to the toilet – whereas women get everything over with in a mere 85 minutes a week. (“The Scotsman”, 2015).


Considering we spend over 1.5 years in the restroom in our lifetime we should really treat ourselves to an unforgettable restroom experience. Our trailers stand out as they’re not your typical restroom. They’re mobile, luxurious, comfortable and royally outfitted to make sure that each one your guests leave the restroom with a happy memory.

As a makeup junkie, restroom lighting is EVERYTHING to me. Our trailers provide the most perfect lighting to powder your face and fix your hair. Our vanities allow you to set your purse or drink (or both) down. Our sleek decor compliments the design of our trailers. Our signature butter mints seal the deal, as they are the finishing touch to the Royal Restroom experience. I can promise you, each person who has experienced our trailers at some point in their life has not forgotten about them.

I invite you to treat yourself to our Royal Restroom Trailers. We look forward to treating you and your guests like royalty.

Tell me, How long do you spend in the restroom? Email your responses to:



Michelle Hillis



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It Takes a Village


I personally believe all aspects of life depend on those we surround ourselves with. Whether we are planning a wedding or welcoming a new baby it is important to surround ourselves with helpful and positive people in order to thrive and be the best you can be.

We had the pleasure of working a wedding with the one and only Ashley Paige with Ashley Paige Photography earlier in the year. It was there that we were able to come together and help make our mutual clients wedding day dreams a reality. Although our services are on different ends of the spectrum we came together to produce an unforgettable event!

Photo Courtesy of Ashley Paige Photography, 2015.

Photo Courtesy of Ashley Paige Photography, 2015.

New mommy and photography goddess explains her experience with our restroom trailer. “The Royal Restrooms were a dream to use. They were so clean and upscale that they were actually nicer than any indoor restrooms I’ve used at weddings! They were stocked with extra bathroom goodies too. As a photographer, I have to set my cameras down when going to the restroom and thanks to Royal Restrooms I felt confident setting my cameras down because the counters were spacious and clean! Royal Restrooms are a must for anyone having an outdoor wedding or reception!”

Ashley Paige truly captures the indescribable moment’s couples and love ones experience throughout their special day. I have been “fangirling” her social media sites for months. Her timeless style and artist eye are the perfect combination to create truly amazing pictures. (Go follower her now, you’ll thank me later, links are below!!)

I cannot express how much I love hearing fellow respected vendors rave about our restrooms! Vendors know best as they frequent weddings and events! Take it from Ashley, “Royal Restrooms are a must!”

Here is how to reach Ashley Paige Photography:




Tell me, what’s the craziest place you’ve ever sat your camera down? Email your responses to



Michelle Hillis

Our Signature Butter Mints

We here at Royal Restrooms believe that each person who utilizes our trailers should feel royal. We pay attention to all details in order to make sure that all of our guests have a truly royal experience when using our trailers.

Hands down my favorite detail of our restroom trailers would be our Signature Butter Mints! Yes, you read that right, BUTTER MINTS!  It is not very often that we get the chance utilize a restroom that offers a novelty such as a fresh butter mint. Our mints are placed on the counter for you to take with you. Our mints are our way of thanking each one of our patrons for giving us the opportunity to serve their needs. Our butter mints are fresh and made from the highest quality ingredients. They are individually wrapped and logoed.


I recall the first time I tasted one of our fresh butter mints, it was the freshest mints I have ever eaten. It melted in my mouth, the peppermint was not overpowering yet left my mouth refreshed and wanting more! What makes our mints so royally delicious is the high butter content, it also aids in the speedy dissolve of them in your mouth.

Our signature butter mints are truly delicious, but did you know they are also nutritious? According to Wikipedia, mints are not just for an after meal treat, they have health benefits as well. “…the taste and smell of mint oil and its active components are quite strong and feel clean and cool to the mouth as well as soothing to the stomach” (“Mint (candy)”, 2015).

Let us treat you like royalty!!! I look forward to having you experience our trailers and our signature butter mints!

Tell me, what is the best mint you’ve ever eaten? Email your response to I can’t wait to hear your minty fresh confessions!


Yours Truly,

Michelle Hillis



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Fun, Family and Fall!

The Autumnal Equinox is this Wednesday, September 23rd, 2015- aka- the official start of the Fall Season! If you’re like me, you wait all year to bust out your fall decor and fall scented candles. We enjoy decorating our offices with fall touches such as adding hints of orange to our floral arrangement and keeping pumpkin spice coffee creamer in the fridge!

We here at Royal Restrooms believe family is everything. A perfect example of this is how we reach out to our littlest royals to help us decorate each office this year. We encourage each family and their littles to partake in making each of our locations festive for the fall season. I went to Pinterest (I mean, who doesn’t love an excuse to go on Pinterest) and found all kinds of fun fall activities for families young and old to make. My favorite by far was by the amazing Asia Citro, and her Pumpkin Spice Salt Dough Ornaments!


“To make your own Pumpkin Spice Salt Dough:

2 cups flour

1 cup salt

1 cup water

2 tbsp Pumpkin Pie Spice

Stir all really well.  I find that at the end I need to knead this like a bread dough.  You want it to be dry, but not cracking.  If it is sticking to your hands at all, add more flour.  If it is crumbling all over the place, add more water.  We also found it easier for S to work with if she lightly floured her work space between rolling out each ball of dough.  We baked them on parchment paper on a cookie sheet in a 200 degree oven for an hour, then flipped and cooked an additional hour.  Your ornaments should be really hard with no give.  If your child has made thicker ornaments, you may need to bake for longer than 2 hours.  If you have thinner ornaments, they may be done slightly sooner.” (Citro, 2014).  I highly recommend heading on over to “Fun at Home with Kids” website for even more fun ideas and to see Asia Citro’s article in full, link is listed below.

Mackenzie, 22 Months

Mackenzie, 22 Months

As you can see from the pictures, our littlest Royal, 22 month old Mackenzie, truly enjoy making these fall decorations. They turned out so cute and smelled amazing! This fall season I encourage you more than ever to embrace this time with your family. Now is the time to make plans with your loved ones. Let us provide you and your family with the facilities needed to accommodate your loved ones this season. We would love nothing more than you to “fall” in love with our trailers like each one of us have!




Yours Truly,

Michelle Hillis




Citro, A. (2014). Fun at Home with Kids. Retrieved from

Let’s Talk Showers

Did you know Royal Restrooms offers four different types of shower trailers? Our variety or trailers gives us the opportunity to accommodate any and all of your shower needs. What truly makes our trailers royal are the luxurious features in all of our trailers. Our Standard features are as follows:


  • Propane on Demand Hot Water
  • Vanities
  • Sinks with Running Water
  • Heat/AC
  • Interior & Exterior Lighting
  • Private Shower Stalls
  • Premium Paper Products
  • Hand Soap
  • Stylish Décor


You may be wondering “What is on demand hot water?” On demand hot water is a feature that allows for the shower water to get hot immediately, versus wasting water waiting for it to heat. Our showers and sinks are both outfitted with metered faucets, allowing our trailers to be resourceful as well as efficient.

I personally love taking a hot shower at the end of each day, I find it relaxing and soothing. My husband prefers taking a cold shower. I thought he was the only one in America who willingly took cold shower until a few months ago when a client request to have the on demand hot water to be shut off. I did some research in regards to the benefits of taking cold showers. According to Medical Daily cold showers can do the following:


  1. “Increase Alertness
  2. Refine Hair and Skin
  3. Improves Immunity and Circulation
  4. Stimulates Weight loss
  5. Speeds Up Muscle Soreness and Recovery
  6. Eases Stress
  7. Relieves Depression” (Borreli, 2014).


“Royal Restrooms offers a wide variety of mobile shower trailers from which to choose. Depending on your event type and location, a combination of our shower trailers may be available to accommodate your outdoor facility needs.” (“Royal Restrooms of California”, 2015). Whether you’re planning on taking a HOT or COLD shower, let our shower trailers accommodate your needs!


Yours Truly,

Michelle Hillis











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Keeping Our Cool

If you’re a fellow Californian like myself, you understand much our climate has changed over the matter of a few years. You would also know just how little rainfall we have had in the last three years. I’ve gotten to the point where I get as excited for rain as I do when avocados are on sale at the local supermarket!

Along with the lack of rainfall, the climate of California is changing. We are seeing fewer seasons Woodside_March 14 2015and are being hit with record setting heatwaves. According to U.S. News “Climate change intensified the California drought by fueling record-breaking temperatures that evaporated critically important snowpack, converted snow to rain, and dried out soils. This past winter in California (December 2014 to February 2015) was officially the warmest on record by a wide margin. February 2015 was California’s singularly warmest February on record. All of this falls on the heels of the 2014 calendar year — which was the warmest in California in 119 years of record keeping, smashing the prior records by an unprecedented margin.” (Nesbit, 2015).

As our climate is changing it is critical for all of us to try and conserve and respect our environment. As I learned from my mother, change doesn’t have to be a bad thing. We just have to adapt, improvise and overcome.


We understand how critical it is to not only be accountable for our carbon footprint but also lead by example by designing state of the art resourceful trailers.

We here at Royal Restrooms take pride in our ecofriendly and resourceful trailers. Every one of our trailers require little electricity and our sinks/showers are all on metered faucets. We’ve truly gone the extra mile as even our trucks are equipped with idle alerts in order to not waste precious fuel.

These heatwaves can really put a damper on the idea of hosting an event outdoors as you do not want your guests to suffer in the heat. Lucky for our clients, each one of our trailers is equipped with both heating and air-conditioning. So, let us help you keep your cool, your guests will thank you!


Yours Truly,

Michelle Hillis



Nesbit, J. (2015). Climate Change Caused California Drought. Retrieved from

Are You Ready For Some Football?

Fall is just around the corner, which means pumpkin spice lattes, sweaters, and non-stop football for the Royal Restrooms Family! We love this time of year, especially because it means that football season is in full effect.

Prior to getting married in 2012, I had little to no desire to watch football. Now that I am married, it is a type of religion in our household. Each Sunday we have friends and family over to watch the big game on TV. Our little gatherings have turned into massive productions. We love the excitement it brings to the atmosphere when you have fans rooting for opposing teams under the same roof. It really keeps the games entertaining.


Our restroom trailers are the perfect teammate for your football events this football season. Let us touchdown in your driveway or back yard. Let us provide the facilities for your football party. Our impressive lineup of trailers is sure to be your first round draft pick for your event.

You’ve never truly experienced life until you’ve played football in the rain! Don’t forget to shower after the game, we provide shower trailers for needs as well.  This football season, make memories! We look forward to being a part of your new football traditions.

Some fun facts about the NFL brought to you by “For The Win”:




Michelle Hillis





Resources: 18 crazy facts the most hardcore fans don’t know about the NFL. (2015). Retrieved from

Royal Attendants

Our trailers take part in a variety of events each day. Whether a large public event or an intimate private wedding or trailers partake in a wide variety of events every day.  Royal Restrooms offers restroom attendants/technicians that are trained to keep our trailers stocked, clean and as royal as they were upon arrival.

Some clients request a restroom attendant/technician for their event. Our attendants/technicians are responsible for keeping the restrooms clean, stocked (our signature butter mints tend to run out fast!) and royal. Don’t be fooled, they are not just a pretty face, they are technicians as well that can be proactive if anything does arise during your event.

mints and counter details

What makes our attendants/technicians truly royal is that they keep a level of professionalism, they know not to get too comfortable at the event and join the party. Their goal is to remain as discrete and efficient as possible. What sets our attendants/technicians apart from other third party attendants is that each one of our attendants is a trained Royal Restrooms employee, which is why they are more than just an Attendant, they are technicians. The benefit of their extensive training and experience is that they have an understanding as to how each trailer operated, giving them the knowledge to keep them in pristine condition throughout your event.  Our attendants/technicians wear logoed professional uniforms, helping to aid in keeping the staff informed of who they are. We can offer both male and female attendants in order to accommodate all of our client’s needs.

When you have an attendant at your event you can rest assured in knowing that your trailers remain royal, stocked and clean throughout your event.  The best thing is you are not the one on “potty patrol”!

I promise you that your guests will thank you!

Yours Truly,

Michelle Hillis

So Much More Than A Restroom!

Let’s face it, I never saw myself working for a mobile restroom/shower company, but boy, am I so glad I did!!!

I recall when I joined the Royal Restrooms family in 2010 having to explain to all my friends and family what I did. I had to explain to everyone that I DID NOT work for a porta-potty company. Like all my friends and family, I never knew there was such a thing as mobile restroom trailers until I started working for Royal Restrooms of California!  I was under the impression that you either had to use a plastic porta-potty (where you were able to see the work of previous guest) or wait to go home. Let me tell ya, I was definitely going home prior to using one of those. I recall leaving events early so I could go home and use the restroom in the comforts of my own home.

20 Ft Interior A

As I educate others on our amazing trailers I am thrilled to watch everyone’s reactions to just how royal our trailers are. I love seeing, what I coined “The Royal Restrooms Light Bulb” go off.  The most common responses are:  “I wish I thought of that” “Your restrooms are literally nicer than my homes restrooms” and lastly, my personal favorite “No way, can I keep it?”

2 Stall Restroom Trailer - Platinum

There are so many benefits and perks to adding a Royal Restroom Trailer to your event. One of the biggest perks is that your guests will stay longer (you can avoid the porta-potty avoidance-early dismissal of guests). We have a variety of trailers, including trailers that have multiple stalls. When your event has a large amount of guests we make sure to provide you with ample stalls to keep lines to a minimum. As we all know, females like to use the restroom in pairs so it is a nice perk to have multiple stalls. My favorite perk of having a Royal Restroom would be the admiration of the guests who experience our trailers.


When you experience a Royal Restroom trailer you will be amazed at the facilities as well as the overall experience. Our attention to details truly adds to the experience, leaving you and your guests royally impressed.

Royal Restrooms-  #YourGuestsWillThankYou


Michelle Hillis

Crisis Averted


We here at Royal Restrooms take pride in our diverse client base. Our trailers offer amenities that everyone needs, whether you’re hosting a special event or providing restrooms for disaster relief. Yes, you read that correctly, our trailers provide restrooms and showers to those in need, bringing a new meaning to offering the comforts of home.

Royal Restrooms is one of the most reliable and responsive mobile restroom and shower trailer companies in the nation. Our extensive inventory allows us to accommodate large quantities of people in very short notice. Our trailers are ready to accommodate those in need due to any type of emergency or disaster.

10 Stall Standard Restroom Trailer

Our highly trained and compassionate staff understand how undesirable some circumstances can be, that is why our staff handles the details for you. Our staff is available 24/7 via our emergency hotline.

Our trailers are designed to be fully functioning with limited access to power and water, which is the case at many disaster sites.

In the event disaster does arise, rest assured knowing you’re backed by Royal Restrooms. Our years of experience and high quality of trailers are the perfect solution to your restroom and shower needs. Our response time and excessive inventory make sure your needs are taken care of in the fastest time possible.

This summer season we wish you all the safest and fun times, as we will be along with you in good times and in rough times!!



Michelle Hillis

Let’s Go Outside Together!

Here at Royal Restrooms we believe any reason is a reason to celebrate.

I personally love having friends and family over for a gathering. At the Hillis house we host parties for just about every occasion; birthdays, half birthdays, anniversaries, promotions, baby showers, the start of new TV seasons, and the list goes on.

If you’re like me, you refuse to have more than a few people over as you don’t want your house to get dirty or ruined, yes, I am very serious about the dirty part. As a first time mommy, my fear of dirt, germs and messes are at an all-time high.  The solution to this first time mommy’s fear of messes is to keep my parties outside.

San Dimas_June 6 2015

Here in California we are blessed to experience sunny weather year round. The near perfect climate allows us to take advantage and host outdoor gatherings during all the seasons. Our trailers can be placed just about anywhere. Ideally, on a level ground free of obstructions.

20 Ft Interior F

What makes our trailers royal is that they give your guests all of the amenities of your homes restroom including air conditioning, real flushing porcelain toilets, vanities and mirrors. Our trailers have additional features such as hand selected rugs, pictures and flowers. You guests will finish their restroom experience by taking one of our famous Royal Restroom mints to cherish the memory. Our trailers are not just restrooms, they’re truly a royal experience.

We believe in finding reasons to celebrate and bring your friends and family together. Don’t let your fear of messes limit the time you spend the ones you love most. Let’s go outside together!

Make memories outside, and let us be a part of them.



Michelle Hillis

We’ve Thought Of The Details So You Don’t Have To!

We believe that all successful events are those that have paid attention to every detail.  Whether you’re planning your wedding, festival or a construction job it is critical for you to not leave one detail out. Here at Royal Restrooms we understand how much goes into planning an event. We utilize our years of experience and pay attention to every detail so you don’t have to. Our experience allows you as a customers to rest assured knowing that your rental is executed seamlessly.

mints and counter details

During the reservation process you will be assisted by a customer relations specialist that is trained to answer any and all questions you may have about our trailers and processes. Our state of the art website allows you to be interactive in choosing the perfect trailer for your needs. The details don’t stop at the website, we provide beautiful silk floral arrangements and artwork in all of our trailers that are individually selected to complement each of our trailers unique design.  The mints and silk arrangements are conveniently placed on the vanity, as shown in the picture.

Our wedding and event clients are creative in tying in their weddings theme into our trailers. Some clients have placed personalized hand towels in our trailers while others have created restroom baskets filled with toiletries, sunscreen and personalized lip balm.

Our details continue as we place our signature butter mints on the counters of every restrooms. Our mints are as loved as our trailers. They complete the restroom experience and allow your guests to cherish the experience.

When you have a Royal Restrooms at your event, there will be no detail overlooked and your guests will thank you!



Michelle Hillis

Wedding Trends

Welcome to the heart of wedding season everybody! For those of you non-wedding connoisseurs, wedding season typically ranges from May through October. Although I recently got married back in 2010, trends have changed so much since then. All my bridesmaids wore the same dress and held matching bouquets. This wedding season diversity and individualism between your wedding parties is trending. Couples are choosing to think outside traditions and create their own rules. This year couples are moving their wedding ceremonies and receptions to the great outdoors.

According to the Knot, weddings are heading west in 2015. “Weddings are headed west — at least in style and design. The big theme of the year is inspired by ranches and lots of leather accents. The details are personal and elevated, but the party has a fun, relaxed vibe. A rustic ranch sets the scene for details like antler motifs, distressed lounges with cowhide rugs and wildflower bouquets.” (The Knot, 2015). It’s the details that is what is truly trendsetting this wedding season. Royal Restrooms aids in this year’s trends by providing the facilities in order to accommodate you and your guests needs even at the most remote locations.

We encourage our couples to choose a destination for their rustic wedding that they love, not based on if they have adequate restrooms. Let Royal Restrooms make your dream location a reality.

Please visit our Pinterest for more 2015 wedding trends!



Summer Travels

Summer has finally arrived, we can now dust off our luggage and hit the open road. Whether you’re adding to your frequent flyer miles or putting those vacation miles on your vehicles; chances are, if you’re traveling throughout California you’ll  be passing our trailers along the way.

Trailer Plane Picture

Our trailers have been located at venues such as air stations and airports.  Our self-containing design has allowed our trailer to be placed directly on the tarmac! Talk about coming in for a landing!  Our trailers have participated in annual car shows as well as drive events throughout the country.  The beautiful thing about our trailers is that we are as mobile as you are, and can be fully self-containing. Our trailers are so mobile they’ve even been placed on ships! In regards to the placement of our trailers they can be placed almost anywhere. Ideally, a level ground with access that is not obstructed with low hanging branches, low hanging power lines or fencing.

Trailer Ship Picture

This summer season we encourage you to move your event outdoors and let our trailers be the facilities for your events.  Our trailers not only offer all the comforts of home such as running water, real porcelain toilets, mirror and vanity area they also include air conditioning and our very own signature butter mints.

As you find yourself traveling this summer, I encourage you to keep an eye out for our trailers; you may be surprised with where you might find one; snap a picture and post it to Instagram with the hashtag #theelegantwaytogo for a chance to be entered into our royal drawing! Safe travels!!!

Independence Day

I would like to royally introduce myself, Michelle Hillis. I am a new mom to a wonderful baby girl by the name of Mackenzie, “Kenz “for short.  I am a proud military wife; my husband is an active duty Marine “Semper Fi.” For fun, my husband and I take our baby girl to new places. We love seeing the world through her eyes.  I am a recent college graduate “Go Phoenix.” I have been a part of the Royal Restrooms family for over 5 years now. I love everything about Royal Restrooms. I have grown with the company and am thrilled to share the latest innovations we have in store for our customers.

(Photo Courtesy of Relight Photography)

As we are approaching Independence Day, I automatically think of my Dad grilling and my Mom baking an apple pie. I can smell and taste it now, Americana at its finest!  I suggest keeping your 4th of July events fun, causal and outdoors, perhaps let the guys (and girls) host a friendly BBQ competition. Because our trailers can be fully self-containing, we can accommodate your restroom and shower needs, whenever and wherever, even at the most remote locations. Don’t limit yourself to a location that has facilities.

What I love most about Royal Restrooms is our diversity. We truly live up to our slogan “We go where you go!” Diversity is an amazing quality of ours as we not only specializes in upscale events but we also do tremendous amount of disaster relief as well as construction/remodel jobs. We bring the comforts of home wherever they are needed. As a military wife, I understand the importance of having a little bit of home wherever you go.   Royal Restrooms would like to thank all those active duty and previous service members who have served our country. We truly are the land of the free because of the brave.

As Royal Restroom’s Customer Relations Specialist I enjoy researching and learning new trends within the event industry. As we are quickly approaching Independence Day, I thought it would be fun to explore some patriotic themes for your upcoming events, I have posted them to our Pinterest page.

Camping Weddings

Restroom/shower combo trailer

Our restroom/shower combo trailers are a perfect choice for your camping wedding!

Have you every thought, “I’d much rather have a weekend of festivities instead of a 5-6 hour party” when it came time for your big day?  Maybe a camping wedding weekend is the way to go.  With a 2-3 days of festivities you are able to celebrate before, during and after the “I do’s”.

Ok, I know, I said camping. Well this is not your typical tent camping you experienced in summers past with Mom and Dad.   Some of the pictures we have seen are quite elaborate yurts, cabin camping to beautiful tents that house 2-4 people.

In the past 2 years, we have received more and more requests for those wanting restrooms and showers for their weekend long event of all size groups.  When you plan your wedding, there are definitely more options available than in previous years.  So you definitely can have the celebration of your choice.  You may think about having a large celebration and a handful of close friends and family stay for the extra events over the weekend or have a small intimate ceremony and a large celebration afterwards that span a few days. However it pans out, it seems like more and more people are opting to have a few days of celebratory events than just the one “Big Day”.

So, yes again the word Camping.  Just remember you can take all of the amenities of home to your favorite camping location or venue with our Royal Restroom restroom and shower combo trailers.  Sky’s the limit as to where you can have your festivities take place. Enjoy and happy planning!