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Magical Music

Have you ever thought about just how powerful music is? It has the ability to get you moving, pick up your spirits and break the ice. I can’t recall a first date I’ve been on where the question “what type of music do you listen to?” didn’t get asked… talk about an ice breaker and deal breaker!

Music has the power to put my daughter to sleep, thank you very much, Lullaby’s by Nick Lachey! We quite literally have that album on repeat all night. It has dramatically helped her get to sleep faster and stay asleep throughout the night.

Music helps keep you motivated. Per my husband, a United States Marine, cadences keep the Marines in sync during morning physical training. Living on base, I hear Marines sing their cadences as they PT in the morning and in the afternoons. In our home we call it the sound of freedom.

Have you ever been to an event without music? I’m willing to bet you haven’t! There is a reason for that, music has the ability to make guest feel welcome. For this reason, we offer the ability to play music in a variety of our restrooms trailers.  We believe that your guests should not only feel welcome and comfortable but have the ability to enjoy your specially selected Hit List through all avenues of the event.

I’d love to know what kind of music is on your event’s playlist! Email your responses to Hello@RoyalRestroomsCA.com



Michelle Hillis