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Luxury Mobile Restroom & Shower Trailers

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Crisis Averted


We here at Royal Restrooms take pride in our diverse client base. Our trailers offer amenities that everyone needs, whether you’re hosting a special event or providing restrooms for disaster relief. Yes, you read that correctly, our trailers provide restrooms and showers to those in need, bringing a new meaning to offering the comforts of home.

Royal Restrooms is one of the most reliable and responsive mobile restroom and shower trailer companies in the nation. Our extensive inventory allows us to accommodate large quantities of people in very short notice. Our trailers are ready to accommodate those in need due to any type of emergency or disaster.

10 Stall Standard Restroom Trailer

Our highly trained and compassionate staff understand how undesirable some circumstances can be, that is why our staff handles the details for you. Our staff is available 24/7 via our emergency hotline.

Our trailers are designed to be fully functioning with limited access to power and water, which is the case at many disaster sites.

In the event disaster does arise, rest assured knowing you’re backed by Royal Restrooms. Our years of experience and high quality of trailers are the perfect solution to your restroom and shower needs. Our response time and excessive inventory make sure your needs are taken care of in the fastest time possible.

This summer season we wish you all the safest and fun times, as we will be along with you in good times and in rough times!!



Michelle Hillis


Your bathrooms were the talk of the party! You just don’t know how many people complimented us on the bathrooms!

Yvonne M., S F Bay Area. CA