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Wine, Wine, WINE!

I am a California girl, born and raised. I truly appreciate all the fine things this wonderful state has to offer. As an adult I have recently started to appreciate the fine wine that is produced right here in the golden state.

Wine not only tastes amazing but it warms your soul! Boy, could I sound any more like a Wine-o?! I started out buying wine solely based on the label; a lot like how I buy books based off their covers. As I sampled different varieties, I quickly learned that I prefer dry and red while my husband prefers his sweet and white. I suppose opposites do attract.

So, why is Royal Restrooms blogging about wine? Well, this is the time of year when Royal Restrooms is involved in the celebration of many wineries for harvest parties and harvest events. As a matter of fact, wine is served in over 95% of our events year round. Wine is a great topic of conversation, a cause for festivity and can be as varied as your event.


Whether you’re hosting a wine tasting at your residence or serving wine at your wedding. Let us be a part of your event. Our restroom trailers are the PERFECT solution to eliminating the lines at any restroom. Our trailers come on a variety of sizes and can accommodate large and small parties.


I now host wine tastings at my home and Pinterest has been a great resource for guides to help us wine newbies find our new favorite wines. Check out our Pinterest for more fun wine tips and pairing guides!

May you and your guests eat, drink and be merry!

What is your criteria for your wine purchases (i.e. labels, varieties, tastes, etc.?) Email your responses to Hello@RoyalRestroomsCA.com


Michelle Hillis