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Happy Spring!

Ahh, Spring has sprung! Flowers are blooming, sun is shining and allergies are running rampant. I simply love this time of year, with a little help from  my allergy medicine. It’s a time to open your windows, converse with your neighbors and get to spring cleaning your home.

Spring cleaning is an annual tradition for our family, it started with my grandmother who passed the tradition to my mother and now to me! Springtime is the perfect time to take inventory of your home and part with things that are no longer needed. Now that I am a mom I see why spring cleaning is an important annual event to do in your home as children and clutter go hand in hand. It isn’t easy to keep my home clutter free on a day to day basis. I feel every time we go somewhere we inevitably come home with something new for my daughter. #FirstTimeParents If you’re anything like me and want your home to be clutter free abide by the rule of “if you haven’t used it/worn it in a year, donate it!”

Now… what to do with all the items you no longer need?? Many communities have donation centers conveniently located throughout your community.  Perhaps you can partner up with your neighbors and host a community garage sale and donate all proceeds to a cause close to your hearts. Our Royal family encourages you to recycle, reuse and donate all items as “one man’s junk is another’s treasure”.

This Spring I hope you feel refreshed in your new decluttered space. When your home is clean and organized you’ll be more likely to want to host gatherings! Let us be a part of your upcoming events!

For useful spring cleaning tips head over to your Pinterest page! #HappyCleaning


Michelle Hillis

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I was working on an event that needed two restrooms at the last minute. Literally got the request at 3pm on a Saturday and needed to have them first thing on Monday morning. Royal Restrooms were not only the only one to pick up their phone on a Saturday, but provided fast quotes, and phenomenal customer service. Delivery drivers were fantastic, easily navagating SF traffic around Moscone as well as surly Teamsters & Stagehands. The restroom trailers (double stalls) were in great shape, and everyone was pleased to say the least. Will absolutely call them again in the future.

Dana B. Martinez, CA