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Glorious Mornings

If you’re currently not a morning person, you may be after reading this! So many of life’s greatest offerings happen before noon! -did anyone say “sunrises, pancakes…mimosas?!”

The event industry is a huge part of our clientele, I would safely say the 95% of events we (partner) with them in take part in the PM hours. I can’t help but feel as though there’s a (gap) that needs to be fulfilled in the market.

One morning (I must admit, I LOVE mornings) I got to thinking…Why didn’t I get married in the morning? My husband and I love mornings, not to mention most venues are open to AM event discounts to their customers. Not only would you be able to leave for your honeymoon hours earlier, you’d have more money to spend while in paradise! #APennySavedIsAPennyEarned

Though the act of AM events is new to me, upon research I have learned it is starting to trend. Younger generations are venturing out from traditional weddings and events and are excited about creating their own traditions.

Not convinced to host a morning event yet…maybe these ideas will inspire you!

Brunch inspired cuisine, including but not limited to chicken and waffles!

Coffee Bar (sending your guest home with your favorite coffee as a parting gift)

Doughnut Bar (adorable, not to mention cost effective)

Bottomless Mimosas

Bloody Mary Bar

Juice Bar

Omelet Station

Cereal Bar (Fun for all ages, send guests home with a takeout box filled with their favorite! Encourage them to mix a few)

The wonderful part of having a morning event you have a significantly more time to spend with your loved ones in the sunlight hours. #TopOfTheMorningToYa



Michelle Hillis


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