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Happy Spring!

Ahh, Spring has sprung! Flowers are blooming, sun is shining and allergies are running rampant. I simply love this time of year, with a little help from  my allergy medicine. It’s a time to open your windows, converse with your neighbors and get to spring cleaning your home.

Spring cleaning is an annual tradition for our family, it started with my grandmother who passed the tradition to my mother and now to me! Springtime is the perfect time to take inventory of your home and part with things that are no longer needed. Now that I am a mom I see why spring cleaning is an important annual event to do in your home as children and clutter go hand in hand. It isn’t easy to keep my home clutter free on a day to day basis. I feel every time we go somewhere we inevitably come home with something new for my daughter. #FirstTimeParents If you’re anything like me and want your home to be clutter free abide by the rule of “if you haven’t used it/worn it in a year, donate it!”

Now… what to do with all the items you no longer need?? Many communities have donation centers conveniently located throughout your community.  Perhaps you can partner up with your neighbors and host a community garage sale and donate all proceeds to a cause close to your hearts. Our Royal family encourages you to recycle, reuse and donate all items as “one man’s junk is another’s treasure”.

This Spring I hope you feel refreshed in your new decluttered space. When your home is clean and organized you’ll be more likely to want to host gatherings! Let us be a part of your upcoming events!

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Michelle Hillis

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The Gift of Time

On behalf of the entire Royal Restrooms Family I would like to wish you all a very happy holiday season. Our year has been filled with receiving many blessings and making happy memories.

As we near the end of the year I encourage you to ask yourself if you’ve had the opportunity to make memories and spend time with those you love. I believe that time spent with those you love is the most precious gift you can give.

When trying to figure out the best gift to give your loved ones this holiday season why not make it the gift of your time? Whether it’s spending time making them handmade cards or 8 hours of a drive home to surprise family, I know without a doubt that your time spent with them will be considered the best gift of all.

Let us be a part of the events you host at your home!

As you close out this year with festive events and holiday gatherings, we would cherish the opportunity to be a part of the time you spend with your friends and family with the most elite mobile restroom experience available.

Our upscale restroom trailers can accommodate events from small to large and small.  So, just let us know how we can be a part of the time you spend with your loved ones.

We hope that you take the chance to make some unforgettable memories as well.

For fun ways to spend time with your loved ones this holiday season, head over to our Pinterest page!

Happy Holidays,

Michelle Hillis

Royal Attendants

Our trailers take part in a variety of events each day. Whether a large public event or an intimate private wedding or trailers partake in a wide variety of events every day.  Royal Restrooms offers restroom attendants/technicians that are trained to keep our trailers stocked, clean and as royal as they were upon arrival.

Some clients request a restroom attendant/technician for their event. Our attendants/technicians are responsible for keeping the restrooms clean, stocked (our signature butter mints tend to run out fast!) and royal. Don’t be fooled, they are not just a pretty face, they are technicians as well that can be proactive if anything does arise during your event.

mints and counter details

What makes our attendants/technicians truly royal is that they keep a level of professionalism, they know not to get too comfortable at the event and join the party. Their goal is to remain as discrete and efficient as possible. What sets our attendants/technicians apart from other third party attendants is that each one of our attendants is a trained Royal Restrooms employee, which is why they are more than just an Attendant, they are technicians. The benefit of their extensive training and experience is that they have an understanding as to how each trailer operated, giving them the knowledge to keep them in pristine condition throughout your event.  Our attendants/technicians wear logoed professional uniforms, helping to aid in keeping the staff informed of who they are. We can offer both male and female attendants in order to accommodate all of our client’s needs.

When you have an attendant at your event you can rest assured in knowing that your trailers remain royal, stocked and clean throughout your event.  The best thing is you are not the one on “potty patrol”!

I promise you that your guests will thank you!

Yours Truly,

Michelle Hillis

So Much More Than A Restroom!

Let’s face it, I never saw myself working for a mobile restroom/shower company, but boy, am I so glad I did!!!

I recall when I joined the Royal Restrooms family in 2010 having to explain to all my friends and family what I did. I had to explain to everyone that I DID NOT work for a porta-potty company. Like all my friends and family, I never knew there was such a thing as mobile restroom trailers until I started working for Royal Restrooms of California!  I was under the impression that you either had to use a plastic porta-potty (where you were able to see the work of previous guest) or wait to go home. Let me tell ya, I was definitely going home prior to using one of those. I recall leaving events early so I could go home and use the restroom in the comforts of my own home.

20 Ft Interior A

As I educate others on our amazing trailers I am thrilled to watch everyone’s reactions to just how royal our trailers are. I love seeing, what I coined “The Royal Restrooms Light Bulb” go off.  The most common responses are:  “I wish I thought of that” “Your restrooms are literally nicer than my homes restrooms” and lastly, my personal favorite “No way, can I keep it?”

2 Stall Restroom Trailer - Platinum

There are so many benefits and perks to adding a Royal Restroom Trailer to your event. One of the biggest perks is that your guests will stay longer (you can avoid the porta-potty avoidance-early dismissal of guests). We have a variety of trailers, including trailers that have multiple stalls. When your event has a large amount of guests we make sure to provide you with ample stalls to keep lines to a minimum. As we all know, females like to use the restroom in pairs so it is a nice perk to have multiple stalls. My favorite perk of having a Royal Restroom would be the admiration of the guests who experience our trailers.


When you experience a Royal Restroom trailer you will be amazed at the facilities as well as the overall experience. Our attention to details truly adds to the experience, leaving you and your guests royally impressed.

Royal Restrooms-  #YourGuestsWillThankYou


Michelle Hillis