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Does Size Matter?

Do you remember the days before Pinterest when we were forced to depend on professionals and our imagination to create a dream event? We are blessed to have technology and reap the benefits of getting inspired by others and their events.  Even with Pinterest, professional event planners, and your helpful in-laws, the hardest decision to make while planning your event is how many guests you should invite.

I recall when I was planning my wedding, I was so focused on inviting everyone so they would not get their feelings hurt that my guest count was 50 guests over the venues max guest count. I was reminded by a dear friend that this was “OUR” day, not a day to please everyone else. Our wedding ended up being intimate with under 60 people there to witness and share in our heartfelt vows. This made perfect sense for my husband and I, if you know anything about us, we are very much introverts. The idea of having a manageable amount of guests worked well with our budget, venue and our ambiance.


Some couples choose to host much larger scale events, which are a blast to attend. My dear high school friend got married a few years ago. Her guest count was upwards of 500 guests. Her wedding was one of the most memorable nights of my life. Friends from high school were able to catch up and celebrate the couple while both of the couple’s families were able to connect and celebrate.


So, does the size of your event really matter? In my opinion, absolutely not! It’s all about personal preference. My advice is to have a guest count that YOU feel comfortable with. After all, it is YOUR Day and it is all about YOU!

Regardless of the size of your event, we would love to be a part making it a success. The beautiful thing about our restroom trailers is that we can accommodate events both intimate and extravagant, large and small!

What’s your ideal guest count? Email your responses to Hello@RoyalRestroomsCA.com



Michelle Hillis