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BBQ’s, Games, Drinks and BABIES! What’s Not to Love?

As you can imagine we have the opportunity to learn about the latest event trends as we participate in oodles of events each season. A current trend that we are swooning over is family baby showers. Yes, you heard that right, FAMILY BABY SHOWERS! Families are saying “Goodbye” to traditional baby showers and are including the soon to be parents and all their loved ones to celebrate their coming addition!

Upon my research a particular trend really struck my fancy, Baby-Q’s! Think BBQ’s but all food and decorations being themed around babies. Families and friends can host an outdoor shower with all the fixings you’d find at a traditional cook out. Some showers I’ve witness included on their invitation “NO Diapers, NO Drinkies” meaning, you have to bring a pack of diapers in order to have access to the bar/beverages at the BBQ! Now, how fun is that?!

Family baby showers are wonderful opportunities to bring together families and friends in celebrating the addition. The key to successful family baby shower is making sure you have activities that are family friendly, focuses around the new baby, age appropriate and most importantly FUN!

Listed below are a few of my favorite shower games and activities that I find to be perfect for family baby showers:

Writing messages on the outside of diapers- preferably inspiring for those late night changes!

Decorating onesies

Blind folded diaper changing (using stuffed animals)

Guessing the size of mom’s waist (using yarn)

Guessing how many candies fill a baby bottle

Diaper toss- throwing diapers into a bin from across the room

Baby food tasting

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May you bring together families and shower the soon to be parents with love, support and pearls of wisdom. We look forward to being a part of your families’ gatherings!



Michelle Hillis

I’d love to know your favorite baby shower game? Email your response to hello@royalrestroomsca.com