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Our Signature Butter Mints

We here at Royal Restrooms believe that each person who utilizes our trailers should feel royal. We pay attention to all details in order to make sure that all of our guests have a truly royal experience when using our trailers.

Hands down my favorite detail of our restroom trailers would be our Signature Butter Mints! Yes, you read that right, BUTTER MINTS!  It is not very often that we get the chance utilize a restroom that offers a novelty such as a fresh butter mint. Our mints are placed on the counter for you to take with you. Our mints are our way of thanking each one of our patrons for giving us the opportunity to serve their needs. Our butter mints are fresh and made from the highest quality ingredients. They are individually wrapped and logoed.


I recall the first time I tasted one of our fresh butter mints, it was the freshest mints I have ever eaten. It melted in my mouth, the peppermint was not overpowering yet left my mouth refreshed and wanting more! What makes our mints so royally delicious is the high butter content, it also aids in the speedy dissolve of them in your mouth.

Our signature butter mints are truly delicious, but did you know they are also nutritious? According to Wikipedia, mints are not just for an after meal treat, they have health benefits as well. “…the taste and smell of mint oil and its active components are quite strong and feel clean and cool to the mouth as well as soothing to the stomach” (“Mint (candy)”, 2015).

Let us treat you like royalty!!! I look forward to having you experience our trailers and our signature butter mints!

Tell me, what is the best mint you’ve ever eaten? Email your response to hello@royalrestroomsca.com I can’t wait to hear your minty fresh confessions!


Yours Truly,

Michelle Hillis



References: Mint (Candy). (2015). Retrieved from https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mint_(candy)


The Royal Restrooms Unit you provided for the wedding was incredible. It was certainly the talk of the evening!

Tom F. The Orchard at the Ranch, Somis, Ca.