Luxury Mobile Restroom & Shower Trailers

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It Takes a Village


I personally believe all aspects of life depend on those we surround ourselves with. Whether we are planning a wedding or welcoming a new baby it is important to surround ourselves with helpful and positive people in order to thrive and be the best you can be.

We had the pleasure of working a wedding with the one and only Ashley Paige with Ashley Paige Photography earlier in the year. It was there that we were able to come together and help make our mutual clients wedding day dreams a reality. Although our services are on different ends of the spectrum we came together to produce an unforgettable event!

Photo Courtesy of Ashley Paige Photography, 2015.

Photo Courtesy of Ashley Paige Photography, 2015.

New mommy and photography goddess explains her experience with our restroom trailer. “The Royal Restrooms were a dream to use. They were so clean and upscale that they were actually nicer than any indoor restrooms I’ve used at weddings! They were stocked with extra bathroom goodies too. As a photographer, I have to set my cameras down when going to the restroom and thanks to Royal Restrooms I felt confident setting my cameras down because the counters were spacious and clean! Royal Restrooms are a must for anyone having an outdoor wedding or reception!”

Ashley Paige truly captures the indescribable moment’s couples and love ones experience throughout their special day. I have been “fangirling” her social media sites for months. Her timeless style and artist eye are the perfect combination to create truly amazing pictures. (Go follower her now, you’ll thank me later, links are below!!)

I cannot express how much I love hearing fellow respected vendors rave about our restrooms! Vendors know best as they frequent weddings and events! Take it from Ashley, “Royal Restrooms are a must!”

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Tell me, what’s the craziest place you’ve ever sat your camera down? Email your responses to hello@royalrestroomsca.com



Michelle Hillis


We hired Royal Restrooms for our garden wedding, and from the moment we first called, they were wonderful! Someone always picked up the phone, and they were right on top of everything. The staff at RR was friendly, efficient, and they did everything they said they would. The trailer was delivered right on time, and picked up without any problem. And, if you really want to impress your guests at an outdoor event, a royal restroom is a must. People are still talking about it! The trailer was super clean, and beautifully decorated, with hard wood, granite countertops, and they even had music in the stalls! The trailers have a modern airstream appeal, so they are attractive, and look nothing like port-o-potty from the outside. You guys rock! Thank you!!!

Ris M. San Francisco, CA