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Luxury Mobile Restroom & Shower Trailers

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Royal Attendants

Our trailers take part in a variety of events each day. Whether a large public event or an intimate private wedding or trailers partake in a wide variety of events every day.  Royal Restrooms offers restroom attendants/technicians that are trained to keep our trailers stocked, clean and as royal as they were upon arrival.

Some clients request a restroom attendant/technician for their event. Our attendants/technicians are responsible for keeping the restrooms clean, stocked (our signature butter mints tend to run out fast!) and royal. Don’t be fooled, they are not just a pretty face, they are technicians as well that can be proactive if anything does arise during your event.

mints and counter details

What makes our attendants/technicians truly royal is that they keep a level of professionalism, they know not to get too comfortable at the event and join the party. Their goal is to remain as discrete and efficient as possible. What sets our attendants/technicians apart from other third party attendants is that each one of our attendants is a trained Royal Restrooms employee, which is why they are more than just an Attendant, they are technicians. The benefit of their extensive training and experience is that they have an understanding as to how each trailer operated, giving them the knowledge to keep them in pristine condition throughout your event.  Our attendants/technicians wear logoed professional uniforms, helping to aid in keeping the staff informed of who they are. We can offer both male and female attendants in order to accommodate all of our client’s needs.

When you have an attendant at your event you can rest assured in knowing that your trailers remain royal, stocked and clean throughout your event.  The best thing is you are not the one on “potty patrol”!

I promise you that your guests will thank you!

Yours Truly,

Michelle Hillis


Your bathrooms were the talk of the party! You just don’t know how many people complimented us on the bathrooms!

Yvonne M., S F Bay Area. CA