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Does Size Matter?

Do you remember the days before Pinterest when we were forced to depend on professionals and our imagination to create a dream event? We are blessed to have technology and reap the benefits of getting inspired by others and their events.  Even with Pinterest, professional event planners, and your helpful in-laws, the hardest decision to make while planning your event is how many guests you should invite.

I recall when I was planning my wedding, I was so focused on inviting everyone so they would not get their feelings hurt that my guest count was 50 guests over the venues max guest count. I was reminded by a dear friend that this was “OUR” day, not a day to please everyone else. Our wedding ended up being intimate with under 60 people there to witness and share in our heartfelt vows. This made perfect sense for my husband and I, if you know anything about us, we are very much introverts. The idea of having a manageable amount of guests worked well with our budget, venue and our ambiance.


Some couples choose to host much larger scale events, which are a blast to attend. My dear high school friend got married a few years ago. Her guest count was upwards of 500 guests. Her wedding was one of the most memorable nights of my life. Friends from high school were able to catch up and celebrate the couple while both of the couple’s families were able to connect and celebrate.


So, does the size of your event really matter? In my opinion, absolutely not! It’s all about personal preference. My advice is to have a guest count that YOU feel comfortable with. After all, it is YOUR Day and it is all about YOU!

Regardless of the size of your event, we would love to be a part making it a success. The beautiful thing about our restroom trailers is that we can accommodate events both intimate and extravagant, large and small!

What’s your ideal guest count? Email your responses to Hello@RoyalRestroomsCA.com



Michelle Hillis

So Much More Than A Restroom!

Let’s face it, I never saw myself working for a mobile restroom/shower company, but boy, am I so glad I did!!!

I recall when I joined the Royal Restrooms family in 2010 having to explain to all my friends and family what I did. I had to explain to everyone that I DID NOT work for a porta-potty company. Like all my friends and family, I never knew there was such a thing as mobile restroom trailers until I started working for Royal Restrooms of California!  I was under the impression that you either had to use a plastic porta-potty (where you were able to see the work of previous guest) or wait to go home. Let me tell ya, I was definitely going home prior to using one of those. I recall leaving events early so I could go home and use the restroom in the comforts of my own home.

20 Ft Interior A

As I educate others on our amazing trailers I am thrilled to watch everyone’s reactions to just how royal our trailers are. I love seeing, what I coined “The Royal Restrooms Light Bulb” go off.  The most common responses are:  “I wish I thought of that” “Your restrooms are literally nicer than my homes restrooms” and lastly, my personal favorite “No way, can I keep it?”

2 Stall Restroom Trailer - Platinum

There are so many benefits and perks to adding a Royal Restroom Trailer to your event. One of the biggest perks is that your guests will stay longer (you can avoid the porta-potty avoidance-early dismissal of guests). We have a variety of trailers, including trailers that have multiple stalls. When your event has a large amount of guests we make sure to provide you with ample stalls to keep lines to a minimum. As we all know, females like to use the restroom in pairs so it is a nice perk to have multiple stalls. My favorite perk of having a Royal Restroom would be the admiration of the guests who experience our trailers.


When you experience a Royal Restroom trailer you will be amazed at the facilities as well as the overall experience. Our attention to details truly adds to the experience, leaving you and your guests royally impressed.

Royal Restrooms-  #YourGuestsWillThankYou


Michelle Hillis

Let’s Go Outside Together!

Here at Royal Restrooms we believe any reason is a reason to celebrate.

I personally love having friends and family over for a gathering. At the Hillis house we host parties for just about every occasion; birthdays, half birthdays, anniversaries, promotions, baby showers, the start of new TV seasons, and the list goes on.

If you’re like me, you refuse to have more than a few people over as you don’t want your house to get dirty or ruined, yes, I am very serious about the dirty part. As a first time mommy, my fear of dirt, germs and messes are at an all-time high.  The solution to this first time mommy’s fear of messes is to keep my parties outside.

San Dimas_June 6 2015

Here in California we are blessed to experience sunny weather year round. The near perfect climate allows us to take advantage and host outdoor gatherings during all the seasons. Our trailers can be placed just about anywhere. Ideally, on a level ground free of obstructions.

20 Ft Interior F

What makes our trailers royal is that they give your guests all of the amenities of your homes restroom including air conditioning, real flushing porcelain toilets, vanities and mirrors. Our trailers have additional features such as hand selected rugs, pictures and flowers. You guests will finish their restroom experience by taking one of our famous Royal Restroom mints to cherish the memory. Our trailers are not just restrooms, they’re truly a royal experience.

We believe in finding reasons to celebrate and bring your friends and family together. Don’t let your fear of messes limit the time you spend the ones you love most. Let’s go outside together!

Make memories outside, and let us be a part of them.



Michelle Hillis

We’ve Thought Of The Details So You Don’t Have To!

We believe that all successful events are those that have paid attention to every detail.  Whether you’re planning your wedding, festival or a construction job it is critical for you to not leave one detail out. Here at Royal Restrooms we understand how much goes into planning an event. We utilize our years of experience and pay attention to every detail so you don’t have to. Our experience allows you as a customers to rest assured knowing that your rental is executed seamlessly.

mints and counter details

During the reservation process you will be assisted by a customer relations specialist that is trained to answer any and all questions you may have about our trailers and processes. Our state of the art website allows you to be interactive in choosing the perfect trailer for your needs. The details don’t stop at the website, we provide beautiful silk floral arrangements and artwork in all of our trailers that are individually selected to complement each of our trailers unique design.  The mints and silk arrangements are conveniently placed on the vanity, as shown in the picture.

Our wedding and event clients are creative in tying in their weddings theme into our trailers. Some clients have placed personalized hand towels in our trailers while others have created restroom baskets filled with toiletries, sunscreen and personalized lip balm.

Our details continue as we place our signature butter mints on the counters of every restrooms. Our mints are as loved as our trailers. They complete the restroom experience and allow your guests to cherish the experience.

When you have a Royal Restrooms at your event, there will be no detail overlooked and your guests will thank you!



Michelle Hillis

Wedding Trends

Welcome to the heart of wedding season everybody! For those of you non-wedding connoisseurs, wedding season typically ranges from May through October. Although I recently got married back in 2010, trends have changed so much since then. All my bridesmaids wore the same dress and held matching bouquets. This wedding season diversity and individualism between your wedding parties is trending. Couples are choosing to think outside traditions and create their own rules. This year couples are moving their wedding ceremonies and receptions to the great outdoors.

According to the Knot, weddings are heading west in 2015. “Weddings are headed west — at least in style and design. The big theme of the year is inspired by ranches and lots of leather accents. The details are personal and elevated, but the party has a fun, relaxed vibe. A rustic ranch sets the scene for details like antler motifs, distressed lounges with cowhide rugs and wildflower bouquets.” (The Knot, 2015). It’s the details that is what is truly trendsetting this wedding season. Royal Restrooms aids in this year’s trends by providing the facilities in order to accommodate you and your guests needs even at the most remote locations.

We encourage our couples to choose a destination for their rustic wedding that they love, not based on if they have adequate restrooms. Let Royal Restrooms make your dream location a reality.

Please visit our Pinterest for more 2015 wedding trends! https://www.pinterest.com/RRofCA/

Resources: https://www.theknot.com/content/2015-wedding-trends


Independence Day

I would like to royally introduce myself, Michelle Hillis. I am a new mom to a wonderful baby girl by the name of Mackenzie, “Kenz “for short.  I am a proud military wife; my husband is an active duty Marine “Semper Fi.” For fun, my husband and I take our baby girl to new places. We love seeing the world through her eyes.  I am a recent college graduate “Go Phoenix.” I have been a part of the Royal Restrooms family for over 5 years now. I love everything about Royal Restrooms. I have grown with the company and am thrilled to share the latest innovations we have in store for our customers.

(Photo Courtesy of Relight Photography)

As we are approaching Independence Day, I automatically think of my Dad grilling and my Mom baking an apple pie. I can smell and taste it now, Americana at its finest!  I suggest keeping your 4th of July events fun, causal and outdoors, perhaps let the guys (and girls) host a friendly BBQ competition. Because our trailers can be fully self-containing, we can accommodate your restroom and shower needs, whenever and wherever, even at the most remote locations. Don’t limit yourself to a location that has facilities.

What I love most about Royal Restrooms is our diversity. We truly live up to our slogan “We go where you go!” Diversity is an amazing quality of ours as we not only specializes in upscale events but we also do tremendous amount of disaster relief as well as construction/remodel jobs. We bring the comforts of home wherever they are needed. As a military wife, I understand the importance of having a little bit of home wherever you go.   Royal Restrooms would like to thank all those active duty and previous service members who have served our country. We truly are the land of the free because of the brave.

As Royal Restroom’s Customer Relations Specialist I enjoy researching and learning new trends within the event industry. As we are quickly approaching Independence Day, I thought it would be fun to explore some patriotic themes for your upcoming events, I have posted them to our Pinterest page. https://www.pinterest.com/RRofCA/