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Brides AND Grooms agree that Royal Restroom Trailers are the way to go!

Photo courtesy of Stickeen - Photographer

Photo courtesy of Stickeen – Photographer

When it comes to planning a wedding, there’s one thing for sure that both the bride AND the groom will agree on: reserving a luxury portable restroom instead of a traditional port-a-potty is the best way to go! Here’s some of our trailers on location for the happy day:

Food Trucks to Hashtags, How to Personalize Your Wedding

Celebrate the day

Many couples today have trying to up the ante on how to make their wedding day enjoyable for not only themselves but for all their loved ones who have come to celebrate the day with them. Couples today are more involved than ever in the planning process in order to make sure that their unique relationships is portrayed throughout their day, whether it is by creating a personalized hashtags for all guests to use when taking pictures and uploading them onto social media sites or by choosing a customized menu. How to customize your wedding menu? Try opting for a food truck. Food trucks offer a variety of specialty foods that couples can personalize. The best part, they are super cost effective! Happy planning!

Creating Family Wedding Traditions- The Cookie Bar

I have always envied those families that have deep family traditions that have been carried down from generation to generation on their wedding days, such as the money dance, wearing your grandmothers dress etc. Ever since my wedding I have been on the hunt of a family tradition that could be passed through my family, seeing that my family currently doesn’t have a tradition. I stumbled across the idea of having a cookie bar at your wedding. This cookie bar is open from the moment guest arrive until they leave. The cookies are all made from family members on both sides. Family members are encouraged to use family favorites and even secret family recipes. A cookie bar is a doable and meaningful tradition to start for both the bride and grooms family. It is an opportunity to have both families work together and be a part of their loved ones special day as well. For all you bride and grooms out there, grab some milk and get your family involved in your big day.

Sweets on Wheels

Another wonderful idea that our resident sweet tooth recently experienced at an event is the Kara’s Cupcakes KaraVan. The KaraVan housed a variety of mouthwatering mini cupcakes for this specific event. Some of the flavors enjoyed at the event include the unforgettable Banana Caramel, Fluer de Sel, Red Velvet and the Vanilla Coconut to name a sampling of the onboard delights. What a wonderful option for any event, birthday, wedding, anniversary party or just because you are in the mood. The other fun fact is they are a green company from their local and organic ingredients to their signature pick boxes that are both compostable and recyclable. They work hard to keep mother earth well cared for and filled with wonderful sweets at the same time. Consider letting Kara’s Cupcakes cater your next event, or just stop by and pick up some wonderful sweets from one of their nine Bay Area locations.