Mama always said “Sharing is caring” but I have to beg to differ. We have officially entered flu season, a season in which we likely will be visiting many family and friend and sharing memories and GERMS!

Last week my toddler decided to share the stomach flu with me (bringing it home from preschool) I can think of a million different ways to spend our time than tag teaming the bathroom and sipping on electrolyte water and eating crackers. I wanted to educate our #royal followers on some health boosting tips in order to lessen their chances of getting the flu.

Wash your hands!

Avoid touching your mouth/face.

Drink/take probiotics daily! Gut health aids in boosting ones immune system!

Soak up some sun, vitamin D is great for your body and mind.

Get your 8 hours of sleep a night.

In the event you do come down with the flu, be sure to rest, stay hydrated and binge watch as many shows as possible!

Whether you’re under the weather in bed reading this or are healthy as an ox, be sure to check out our #Pinterest for more flu-eliminating hacks.



Michelle Hillis