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Luxury Mobile Restroom & Shower Trailers

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Trailers for Emergency and Disaster Relief

California fire season has been an annual plague of the state for several decades now.

The hot, dry climate, coupled with strong winds, makes CA prone to wildfires that can cause significant damage to property, wildlife, and human life. In recent years, the fire season in California has become more severe, with larger and more destructive fires occurring more frequently. To combat the increasing severity of the fire season, California has implemented various measures, including increased funding for fire prevention and suppression efforts, stricter building codes in fire-prone areas, and public education campaigns on fire safety. Additionally, advancements in technology, such as satellite imagery and drones, have improved the ability to detect and monitor wildfires in real time, allowing for more effective and efficient firefighting efforts.

While the end of the fire season brings relief, climate change, drought conditions, and other factors continue to contribute to the risk of fires and other natural disasters. Some of these events were purely seasonal at one point, with peaks during certain months of the year. Now, wildfires have caught as late as November, and flash flooding until the end of April to mid-May. But even with all of this preparation in place, we can never truly know when a disaster is going to strike our area or even worse, our own homes.

Royal Restrooms of California takes great pride in being one of the most responsive and reliable mobile restroom rental businesses in the US. Our fleet of shower and restroom units is always ready to deploy for any type of disaster or emergency that may arise. Over the years, Royal Restrooms has aided many different efforts for natural disaster relief, including Louisiana, Mississippi, and Texas after Hurricane Katrina and Florida, Georgia, and Kansas tornado touchdowns in those areas. Most recently, our region assisted with relief for the wildfires that devastated Maui this past August. Providing victims of these tragedies with clean and sanitary restrooms and showers is a critical need that we are always more than ready and willing to fulfill. To prove it, we provide a 24-hour emergency hotline which allows clients to speak directly with a qualified member of Royal Restrooms staff who can assess your needs and get you the help you desire ASAP.

Royal Restrooms trailers are designed to function in areas where access to water and power is very limited. We can provide generators and fresh water holding tanks for sites with no 110-volt outlets or garden hose spigots for hook-up. Of course, each unit is heated/air conditioned, lighted, running water, flushing toilets, soap, hand towels, etc. and we can even have some trailers winterized for areas with freezing temperatures upon request. All Royal Restrooms handicap trailers meet ADA accessibility guidelines and all are up to state, federal, and OSHA regulations as well. The flexibility of our units allows us to place the trailers in discreet locations and we offer unique management plans to assist organizations with preparing for a natural disaster or emergency. We also have the ability to generate long and short-term contracts on a case-by-case basis and guarantee restrooms or shower facilities for your company at reduced cost.

While the peak, of the fire season, may have passed, the changes in climate over the last decade have made these occurrences somewhat unpredictable and of course, no one can know when an emergency will arise. Don’t be left unprepared, let Royal Restrooms of CA be your restroom or shower solution during your time of need. Just submit a quote request or email california@royalrestroomsca.com for more information today!


The Royal Restrooms Unit you provided for the wedding was incredible. It was certainly the talk of the evening!

Tom F. The Orchard at the Ranch, Somis, Ca.