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Luxury Mobile Restroom & Shower Trailers

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Stalls for Staff and Students!

Class is back in session folks!

Don’t the words ‘back to school’ practically make the school bells ring in your ears again? Every year, more than 78.8 million kids, teens, and adults enroll in schools in the US. Additionally, there are just over 8 million people employed at various schools across the US, from college universities to elementary schools. Classrooms, lecture halls, and gymnasiums fill up with students and staff who are all abuzz with excitement for what the new year will bring.

School campuses come to life with several different activities during this season, especially sports! Football, soccer, volleyball, cross-country, and more all return in September and October. These sports make for friendly rivalries that bring students, faculty, and the entire community together. Homecoming week is a major event on high school and college campuses alike. Between the game, the dance, pep rallies, parades, and alumni reunions there is no shortage of school spirit or fun to be had during this celebration. Fall concerts, festivals, and carnivals are also a staple of school campuses this time of year. These performances are sometimes held at outdoor amphitheaters and the festivals have many attractions like corn mazes, games, pumpkin patches, etc. that are often open to the local community, not just those who attend the school. Additionally, colleges are hosting plenty of rush events and autumn mixers for students to get to know one another and get more comfortable hanging out on campus.

With the increased crowds on campus during these events, it’s crucial to ensure adequate facilities to accommodate the needs of the attendees. Here is where we can come in and save the day! Royal Restrooms of California’s portable restroom and shower facilities can be easily set up on school and college campuses for various events. They are equipped with all the necessary amenities, including flushing toilets, working sinks, showers, and even changing areas! Our units are designed to provide a comfortable and hygienic experience for event attendees, including those in need of ADA accessibility. The flexibility of our trailers allows them to be easily transported and installed nearly anywhere needed on-site. Event organizers can plan their events without worrying about the availability of restroom and shower facilities. Whether it’s a sports tournament on the school field or a music festival in the college quad, restroom, and shower trailers can be conveniently placed to cater to the needs of all.

Did you know Royal Restrooms of California provides services to multiple school campuses already? That’s right, both collegiate and K-12! Not only do we accommodate large one-day events, we also offer long-term rental options for those fall campus renovations. Royal Restrooms of California value education and appreciate opportunities to help keep staff and students comfortable under any circumstance. Whether it’s a festival, remodel, fundraiser, etc., northern or southern California, feel free to contact us (email: california@royalrestroomsca.com) or submit a quote request to find out how Royal Restrooms of CA can support your school campus. Your students and faculty deserve the royal treatment, not just any portable restroom. View our virtual tours to see why mobile trailers from Royal Restrooms of California are the best way for your school to go!


Your bathrooms were the talk of the party! You just don’t know how many people complimented us on the bathrooms!

Yvonne M., S F Bay Area. CA