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Spreading Love to All for Valentine’s Day

The lovely month of February has arrived, everyone!

The break between the big holiday season has passed, and the store shelves are filled with teddy bears, chocolates, and roses galore! Of course, multiple observances occur in February, such as Black History Month, President’s Day, Groundhog Day, Mardi Gras, Ash Wednesday, etc. We’ll even be celebrating Leap Day in 2024!

The most widely known event this month is known for, though, is February 14th: Valentine’s Day! V-Day had always seemed like it was just for lovers throughout history, but in recent years, people have started leaning toward the view that Valentine’s isn’t just for couples. These days are a time to show appreciation for ALL the special people in your life. Whether it’s a significant other, a friend, or a relative, everyone deserves a little extra love on this Day, and why not? Let’s talk about some heartfelt and creative ideas to make your loved ones feel cherished this Valentine’s Day, whoever they are.

First, let’s go back to traditional V-day and discuss things we can do for our “sweet babu” if we have them. You can consider planning a surprise date night with their favorite restaurant or a homemade meal and follow it up with another enjoyable activity like a movie night or dance class. Add a personal touch to the experience with a playlist of music significant to your relationship. Writing a love letter can also be a personal way of expressing your feelings. Find beautiful stationery and a wax seal to make the letter visually appealing, and place it in an unexpected spot to surprise them. Create a photo album filled with cherished moments together, adding in little captions or notes. You can even make a digital album or slideshow as a gift and post or send it to them. Thoughtful presents, such as personalized or engraved items, books by their favorite author, or a monthly subscription box tailored to things they like, are also beautiful ways to show affection.

Now, we’ll move on to those who want to show love to their friends, family, co-workers, or community this February 14th. Mailing out cards or just sending messages via text or an E-card can go a long way in showing your appreciation for someone, and you can even include an inside joke or picture of a fond memory to make it extra special. You can also plan a group activity such as game night, a group outing, or a virtual hangout. These can do wonders to strengthen your bonds with friends and family, especially if they are a long distance. Small, personalized like handmade crafts, homemade sweets, or mini care packages filled with favorite treats and self-care items can also be meaningful. Even something as simple as offering help with a task can demonstrate that sometimes, sharing your time is more valuable than any material gift.

This Day of affection provides an opportunity to let those around us know that they are valued and appreciated. Whether through a grand gesture or a modest act of kindness, the intention and love behind it are what truly make February 14th special. We hope you will take the time to spread some Valentine’s love to everyone special in your life this year!


The restrooms were perfect and you guys are so nice! It couldn’t have been better. When we need restrooms again we’ll definitely call you! You guys were great!

Lora P. Hillsborough, Ca