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Preparing Your Home for Harsh Winter Weather

Winter storms can pose a significant threat to the safety and comfort of your home.

Preparing for these events minimizes potential damage and ensures your family’s well-being. Below is a guide on preparing your home for winter storms and discussing how restroom and shower trailers can be beneficial during such times.

Insulation is key in temperature drop preparation. Check and upgrade insulation in the attic and walls. Insulate water pipes to prevent freezing and bursting. Take care of your heating system! Service and maintain the furnace or boiler. Replace old filters and clean your vents each year.

Have a home emergency kit on hand at all times. Stock up on non-perishable food and water and include first-aid supplies and medications. Ensure a supply of batteries and flashlights. If you can, keep a battery-powered or hand-crank radio available. Seal gaps in windows and doors with weather stripping or caulk, install storm windows or use insulating window film.

Remember to prepare your home exterior, too. Trim branches that could fall on the house. Secure outdoor furniture and decorations. Clear snow from pathways and driveways. Maintain your roof and gutters as well. Clean gutters and downspouts, check the roof for damage, and repair as necessary.

It’s also worthwhile to create a family communication plan. In it, establish how to communicate with each other in an emergency and where to meet if separated. Another thing to consider is purchasing a generator and learning how to operate it safely. Keep a stock of fuel for generators and snow blowers. Learn to Familiarize yourself with the signs of frostbite and hypothermia so you can make sure to catch any early symptoms.

During the storms, it’s essential to do your best to stay informed and stay indoors. Monitor weather reports and warnings and avoid travel unless absolutely necessary. Conserve heat by keeping doors and windows closed. Be sure to close off unneeded rooms in this interest as well. Once you’ve safely waited out the storm, go out and check your property. Photograph any damage for insurance claims. Remove snow or as much debris as possible from roofs, decks, and driveways. Reach out to neighbors and friends who might need assistance.

After a winter storm, it’s not uncommon for homes to experience power outages and plumbing issues, leaving residents without essential services like restrooms and showers. Restroom and shower trailers from Royal Restrooms of California can provide a much-needed solution in these circumstances. They serve as temporary facilities when in-house plumbing is not functional, and the units help maintain personal hygiene, which is crucial during prolonged power outages. Royal Restroom trailers can offer a level of comfort and convenience that is greatly appreciated during stressful post-storm conditions. Best of all, the trailers can be shared among community members, aiding those who need it most. Stay warm, stay safe, and plan ahead to ensure that you and your loved ones remain comfortable and secure through the storm season. Royal Restrooms of California will be here to help!


We just had our wedding over the weekend and the service from Royal Restrooms was outstanding. The restrooms were decorated so nicely and many didn’t even realize it was a restroom outside. It was like being in a bathroom at your house. The driver was so nice and the pick up service was amazing as well. I recommend this service to any wedding venue or other venue.

Lauren S. Tustin, CA