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Planning the Perfect New Year Remodel!

Welcome to 2024, everyone!

The new year is always a popular time to start fresh with resolutions for the upcoming months. For many of us, it can be a much-needed reset after the craziness of the holiday season and the previous year. For homeowners, some suggest a home makeover to start your 2024 off right, and we know just how to help you do it. Follow our guide for planning the perfect New Year remodeling project!

It all starts with the preplanning phase. Begin your remodeling journey by defining your vision for the space, which is crucial to ensure the result aligns with your desires and lifestyle. Create a mood board filled with design ideas and inspirations. List the functionalities and aesthetics you desire, differentiating between must-haves and nice-to-haves. 

Next, set a budget that will guide your spending throughout the project. Remember, financial planning is vital! Research the average costs of similar remodeling projects, decide on a comfortable spending limit, and remember to include a contingency plan for unexpected expenses, typically an additional 10-20% of your total budget. Also, get some expert help. It’s also time to hire professionals to bring your vision to life. Ask for recommendations, check references and past work, and get detailed quotes and timelines from contractors or designers.

Now, we can move on to planning and design. With a team in place, create a detailed plan that will act as the blueprint for your remodel. Draft the floor plans, design layouts, select materials and finishes, and remember to acquire the necessary permits for the work. Scheduling the project is crucial to ensure it fits your life’s timeline, so create one! Determine the start and end dates, plan around holidays and significant events, and communicate the schedule to all parties involved.

Time for the execution phase! Prepare the space for the impending work by clearing the area, setting up dust barriers and floor protection, and establishing a work zone for the contractors. Manage the workflow effectively to keep the project on track. Maintaining project management is a must! This involves regular check-ins with the contractors, tracking progress against the timeline, and making necessary adjustments.

Remember quality control. Ensure regular inspection of the work to maintain high standards. Check the quality and adherence to plans and address any issues immediately to ensure your original vision is consistent.

As the remodeling comes to an end, add in your finishing touches. It’s time to decorate and furnish your new space. Select colors, furniture, and lighting fixtures, and add personal touches to make the space uniquely yours. You can also hire an interior designer for help if your budget allows. 

Once the work is complete, conduct a final walkthrough to make sure every detail is to your satisfaction. Review the warranties and maintenance instructions provided by the contractors. And finally, celebrate the new beginnings your remodeled space represents. Now, celebrate your new beginnings! Host a gathering to reveal the transformation, take before and after photos, and share your experience online to inspire others. Remember to stay flexible and prepared to face any challenges head-on throughout the process. And remember, comfort is always present with the help of Royal Restrooms during your remodel. Ask us about our New Year Special and our long-term rental options to get started on your home project today. Happy remodeling for the New Year 2024!


We hired Royal Restrooms for our garden wedding, and from the moment we first called, they were wonderful! Someone always picked up the phone, and they were right on top of everything. The staff at RR was friendly, efficient, and they did everything they said they would. The trailer was delivered right on time, and picked up without any problem. And, if you really want to impress your guests at an outdoor event, a royal restroom is a must. People are still talking about it! The trailer was super clean, and beautifully decorated, with hard wood, granite countertops, and they even had music in the stalls! The trailers have a modern airstream appeal, so they are attractive, and look nothing like port-o-potty from the outside. You guys rock! Thank you!!!

Ris M. San Francisco, CA