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How to Trap a Leprechaun!!!

As legend says at the end every rainbow there lays a pot of gold. Leprechauns want nothing more than that gold at the end of each rainbow. In order to catch a leprechaun one must lure the leprechaun in by using a rainbow as a trail and gold as the captivating treasure. With a little creativity and whole lot of luck you may just catch yourself a leprechaun.

With St. Patrick’s Day here I thought it would be fun to share the leprechaun trap that my daughter and I made. My daughter, Mackenzie, is three years old is quite excited about the idea of catching a leprechaun. Two days before St. Patrick’s Day she made her very own leprechaun trap. We gathered supplies at a local store and let our imaginations take over.

Our Supplies

I hope you were inspired by our #Socal themed trap! I hope you have a shamrocking good time trying to catch yourself a leprechaun. For more St. Patrick’s Day fun head over to our Pinterest Page!

The Anticipation!!!

Notice the sand pale? What can I say…we live in Socal!!!

Let us be a part of your green-themed-legendary event! As you can imagine, there’s no other holiday quite like St. Paddy’s Day to get ya going. #TheElegantWayToGo


Michelle Hillis



Your bathrooms were the talk of the party! You just don’t know how many people complimented us on the bathrooms!

Yvonne M., S F Bay Area. CA