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Luxury Mobile Restroom & Shower Trailers

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Healing Our Planet + The Green Side of Royal Restrooms

As average citizens, we all have the power to make a positive impact on our planet in some way.

Governments and organizations do play a crucial role in implementing large-scale changes, but there are several simple yet effective ways in which we can contribute as individuals. By taking small steps in our everyday lives, we can collectively make a significant difference in preserving and protecting our environment.

We can start by trying to reduce waste. Consider buying products with minimal packaging, using a reusable water bottle instead of single-use bottles Also, opt for digital documents overprinting. Reuse possessions by donating old clothes and furniture, bringing reusable shopping bags, and repurposing jars and containers for storage. When it comes to recycling materials, make sure to separate your recyclables according to local guidelines, drop off electronics at e-waste recycling centers, and compost organic waste.

Next, work on energy efficiency in the home. You can switch to LED bulbs, unplug your devices when not in use, and try to find energy-efficient appliances. For sustainable transportation, you can carpool, bike, or use public transit. Consider electric or hybrid vehicles, and be sure to maintain your vehicle for optimal fuel efficiency. Ways to reduce water usage include fixing leaks right away, taking shorter showers, and using a water-saving showerhead. If you’re into gardening, sustainable landscaping practices like planting drought-resistant plants, collecting rainwater for gardening, and using mulch to retain soil moisture can make a significant difference. When you’re out shopping choose eco-friendly products by purchasing from companies with sustainable practices, buying biodegradable cleaning products, and organic and locally sourced food. Show your support for green spaces by volunteering for community clean-up events, supporting local parks and conservation efforts, and planting trees to aid reforestation initiatives.

Keep informed by following environmental news and learning about the impact of climate change. Share information with friends and family to spread awareness and participate in environmental campaigns. Don’t underestimate the power of political action – vote for eco-conscious policies and representatives and contact local officials about environmental issues. Participate in local initiatives by joining a community garden, engaging in local environmental groups, and attending town hall meetings on sustainability issues. 

Royal Restrooms of California’s trailers are designed with efficiency and conservation to have very little impact on the environment. Our sink/grey water is recycled to flush urinals on multiple trailer designs. There are metered faucets on sinks, metered flushes on toilets, and metered shower heads in our shower trailer units. Each trailer is stocked with biodegradable products to break down waste easier, in addition to environmentally conscious cleaning products. The trailers can fully operate on 15-20 amps per breaker and use onboard converters to scale down power consumption from lights and motors. All of us can do something to help the planet and when renting with Royal Restrooms of California you can rest assured knowing we do all we can as well. Try out some of these efforts in your daily lives to help heal our earth and think of us when planning your next event big or small. 


We just had our wedding over the weekend and the service from Royal Restrooms was outstanding. The restrooms were decorated so nicely and many didn’t even realize it was a restroom outside. It was like being in a bathroom at your house. The driver was so nice and the pick up service was amazing as well. I recommend this service to any wedding venue or other venue.

Lauren S. Tustin, CA