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Getting a Handle on your Holiday Shopping

Holiday Shopping Without The Hassle? Is that even a possibility?

The holiday season is upon us, and while it’s filled with joy and cheer, there’s a not-so-festive side we all dread: shopping! Some of you may have already gotten a jump on this throughout the year or during the black Friday and Cyber Monday specials. However, some might just now be starting their shopping, and that is where the stress can come in, as the holidays are just weeks away. But fear not! With a sprinkle of planning and a dash of creativity, you can easily conquer your gift list. Let’s unwrap some stress-free strategies in this guide to getting a handle on your holiday shopping!

The obvious first thing to do is try to start as early as you can and plan (duh), but a beneficial tool during this time will be making lists. Create a comprehensive list of everyone you need to buy for and jot down gift ideas next to each person’s name; if you have the idea solidified already, that’s even better! While making a list, set a budget for each gift to keep your finances on track.

Feel free to get creative with gift-giving. Handmade gifts add a personal touch that money can’t buy, so consider crafting, baking, or creating artwork for someone special. Or, you can choose another route and gift an experience, like concert tickets or a cooking class. This present type can create memories far beyond the holiday season. Don’t be shy, involve the family! Make it a Group Effort by delegating shopping tasks among family members. You can even turn gift-buying into a fun family outing. Doing your DIY gifts together saves you lots of work and creates a beautiful family tradition for the holiday season.

If you’re still unsure about which gift to get for each of your loved ones, let Secret Santa or White Elephant be your hero. Organize one of these fun gift exchange games for your gathering to lower the number of gifts needed. You’ve heard the saying “clean as you go: before, right? Well, WRAP as you go, too! Get those presents wrapped up as soon as you buy them to avoid a mad last-minute rush and the possibility of your giftees discovering them somewhere. Try to stock up on wrapping supplies early in the season, and here’s another chance to get the fam involved to help you save time as well.

If you shop instead of crafting or baking, primarily online, keep track of your shipping! Keep an eye on shipping deadlines to ensure gifts arrive on time, and even consider paying a little extra for expedited shipping if necessary. Use shipment tracking apps to stay updated on your packages’ journeys so that you can plan accordingly if anything gets lost. Another thing to do is to map out the sales—research which stores have the best deals for the items you’re eyeing. Black Friday and Cyber Monday are already two big ones that have passed, but stay alert for any flash sales during the month. Use price comparison tools to ensure you get the best deal, and sign up for newsletters and alerts from your favorite retailers. You can also follow brands on social media for exclusive discounts and sales updates!

Shopping minor and supporting local businesses can also be an excellent tool for gift shopping during this season. Visit local holiday markets for unique and artisanal gifts. You can also find personalized items from small businesses, and remember, shopping small supports your community and local economy. When in doubt, gift cards to local companies are always appreciated. Speaking of sales and family businesses, Royal Restrooms of California is happy to give our clients up to $250 off rentals from now until the end of January 2024! Call us at 1-877-922-9980 or email california@royalrestroomsca.com to request a quote and learn more about this special promotion. Be it a wedding, fundraiser, home remodel, etc., let us help you get ahead for next year! Save some money and elevate your next affair with this discount from Royal Restrooms of California.

Remember, holiday shopping doesn’t have to be a race against time filled with stress and anxiety. With a bit of foresight and clever tactics, you can enjoy the festive season and everything it offers. So, brew some hot cocoa, put on your favorite holiday tunes, and start tackling that gift list with confidence and cheer!


I was working on an event that needed two restrooms at the last minute. Literally got the request at 3pm on a Saturday and needed to have them first thing on Monday morning. Royal Restrooms were not only the only one to pick up their phone on a Saturday, but provided fast quotes, and phenomenal customer service. Delivery drivers were fantastic, easily navagating SF traffic around Moscone as well as surly Teamsters & Stagehands. The restroom trailers (double stalls) were in great shape, and everyone was pleased to say the least. Will absolutely call them again in the future.

Dana B. Martinez, CA