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Luxury Mobile Restroom & Shower Trailers

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Elevating your Establishment for 2024

New Year, New Restroom Solution!

First impressions are lasting, and the quality of your outdoor restroom facilities can significantly impact the experience of your customers, guests, or employees. Traditional porta-potties have long been the go-to for outdoor events and worksites but can lack comfort, cleanliness, and overall user satisfaction. Upgrading to luxury restroom trailers can transform this experience, providing a touch of elegance and a host of benefits that reflect positively on your business. Let Royal Restrooms of California explain why upgrading your facilities is the right move for 2024!

The enhanced comfort and cleanliness of a mobile restroom or shower are incomparable. The spaciousness of the units helps with this greatly– no more cramped spaces! Restroom and shower trailers offer ample room, particularly appreciated during formal events or by individuals with mobility concerns. Climate control (as we’ve mentioned before) brings another massive aspect of comfort to the guest experience. Weatherproof your restroom solutions with AC options for hot summer days or heating for chilly evenings. The flushing toilets, working sinks, and running hot water make the trailers leaps ahead in hygiene compared to traditional porta-potties.

The aesthetic appeal and sophisticated design are another reason to elevate the restroom facilities for your business. Luxury restroom trailers come in various elegant designs that match your establishment’s theme or your business setting’s professionalism. Trying to use a port-a-potty in business attire doesn’t sound like fun. We assure you that your customers and employees will thank you for helping them avoid that!

Speaking of improved user experience, mobile shower, and restroom trailers can almost guarantee that for your guests. Individual rooms and stalls offer them the privacy they deserve and give them a more “permanent structure” type of feel during use. Vacancy indicator lights make things easier for users, like low-light outdoor lighting for evening functions. You can even create a fun and welcoming atmosphere with built-in TV and sound systems in some units.

Let’s talk about the cost-effectiveness of mobile restrooms and showers because this might sound expensive. Well, let’s consider a few things. Number one: Durability. These units are built to last, making them a wise long-term investment. You’ll also save on labor costs and upkeep due to considerably easier clean-up and maintenance than porta-potties.

What factors should be considered when choosing to upgrade? First and foremost, figure out the size and type of trailer needed for your business event. How many guests do you have daily? Hours of operation, holidays, and events are essential to remember when searching for an adequate trailer. Create a budget and align your choices with your financial plan, considering upfront costs and long-term savings.

Next, check out the space and accessibility of your site for the unit. Ensure that the intended location for the restroom trailers is easily accessible for delivery, setup, and use or can be cleared for those things. Additionally, decide which features are essential for your business needs, such as ADA compliance, luxury finishes, or other amenities like baby changing stations.

Now we get to the actionable steps for upgrading (woo woo!) Start by reviewing your current outdoor restroom solutions and identifying areas for improvement. Research various water and waste removal providers in your area and compare offerings in case you’re outside the service area for the trailer rental. Calculate the return on investment by evaluating long-term benefits versus initial costs. Consult with a Royal Restrooms of California reservation team member to determine the optimal trailer and setup for your event or business needs.

Royal Restrooms of CA wants to help you invest in the experience for yourself and your company. Upgrading to luxury restroom trailers is more than just providing a place for relief; it’s about investing in the comfort and satisfaction of those who interact with your business. By enhancing the standard of outdoor facilities, you align your brand with quality, care, and attention to detail. Take this step to set your business apart and elevate your experience. We’re here to help Monday-Friday from 9 am to 4 pm, and don’t forget about our New Year Special going from now until January 31st, 2024!


We just had our wedding over the weekend and the service from Royal Restrooms was outstanding. The restrooms were decorated so nicely and many didn’t even realize it was a restroom outside. It was like being in a bathroom at your house. The driver was so nice and the pick up service was amazing as well. I recommend this service to any wedding venue or other venue.

Lauren S. Tustin, CA