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Autumn Activities Return!

Hello, Autumn 2023!

Welcome to the fourth day of fall, everyone! The time for autumn festivities has arrived, and what an exciting time of year it can be! Fall sports, spooky season, harvest time, and more have all returned for our delight. Whether you’re up north or down south, the possibilities for fall fun are nearly endless here in California. Not to mention that we are all very grateful to say goodbye to that blistering summer heat and hello to the cool autumn breeze and falling leaves. No wonder autumn is one of the most loved seasons, not just on the Golden Coast but in the entire United States!

The annual autumn harvest sparks many events this time of year, especially the return of corn mazes and pumpkin patches! There is nothing like selecting the perfect pumpkin to carve or create a new recipe with (don’t forget to save the seeds to roast!). It may be what comes to mind first, but pumpkin isn’t the only star of this season. Wine lovers, stand up! The grape harvest is in full swing in the fall, so be sure to check out your local wineries and vineyards as there will likely be some amazing events to celebrate the autumn wine crushes that will be coming up. And let’s not forget about the apple orchards opening up for picking and cider sampling too! Many areas across the California coast host entire harvest festivals to celebrate these yummy fruits and veggies returning to our bellies.

The heat may die down in these months, but the weather in CA remains beautiful in the autumn. So of course, many of us still desire to surround ourselves in nature as much as possible. Final camping and kayaking trips, bonfires, retreats, and more are highlights of the autumn season. The colors of this season are also great for stunning outdoor weddings and upscale events. No matter the occasion, we know that this is a time to soak up as much outdoor fun as we can before winter approaches. Royal Restrooms of California is here to keep you clean and comfortable as you experience it all. Restrooms and showers can be overlooked when thinking about hosting or attending a fall event and the idea of nothing but a few port-a-potties and a large crowd can even be a deal breaker for some. Royal Restrooms of California’s trailers are heated/air conditioned with running water, and flushing toilets–everything one needs to keep things flowing smoothly during a party, festival, concert, etc. Our shower trailers have hot water capabilities so guests can rinse off if they need to and enjoy the great outdoors on a camping retreat or even during a fall home renovation. Let Royal Restrooms of California give you the royal treatment while you make awesome autumn 2023 memories!


The Restrooms did exactly what they said they would do and our wedding guests we very impressed with the restroom experience

John E, Granite Bay Ca