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Where Memories Are Made

Have you ever noticed that your guests like to stay in the kitchen during your home gatherings? Could it be due to that fact that there is where the food is? Or perhaps it happens to be where people naturally are the most comfortable.  The kitchen tends to be the room in your house where the most memories are made throughout the ages.


Much like the kitchen, people like to gather in restrooms as well. Obviously these restroom gatherings take place in a public setting! I know it, sounds crazy but have you ever noticed people like to visit the restroom in groups. I know when I’m out with my friends we form an entourage whenever anyone of us needs to use the facilities. I believe it’s an unwritten girl code not to use the restroom alone.  I can’t tell you how many in deep conversations have taken place in the restroom, it’s true what they say, “you take care of business” while you are in there.


Memories are made in the most unexpected places. This summer I encourage you to plan time for those you enjoy making memories with most. Perhaps you are too afraid of hosting an outside event as your facilities can’t accommodate the guest list size of your desire.  Our trailers are the perfect solution to keeping your party outside while accommodating any size of event.  Don’t let the heat of summer deter you from hosting an outdoor event as this record setting heat is no competition for our air conditioned restroom trailers!  Let us help you in the making memories, wherever they may be created.



Michelle Hillis


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What room do think more memories are made in; the kitchen or restroom? Email your responses to hello@royalrestroomsca.com


I was working on an event that needed two restrooms at the last minute. Literally got the request at 3pm on a Saturday and needed to have them first thing on Monday morning. Royal Restrooms were not only the only one to pick up their phone on a Saturday, but provided fast quotes, and phenomenal customer service. Delivery drivers were fantastic, easily navagating SF traffic around Moscone as well as surly Teamsters & Stagehands. The restroom trailers (double stalls) were in great shape, and everyone was pleased to say the least. Will absolutely call them again in the future.

Dana B. Martinez, CA